How to let go of Frustration

How to let go of frustration

How to let go of Frustration.

Hello I hope you are well…or did you land here because you are frustrated? Look at my picture that´s how I feel! Steaming of anger and frustration. Today, I’m writing this post because I am totally frustrated 🙂

The funny thing is that I was not planning to write a post about frustration… but let me tell you first what happened. This will prove that the energy of frustration can be turned into something creative.

This morning I went to a coffeeshop to write. First I ordered a lovely cappuccino, sat down, opened my E-Mail and downloaded a document. All was well, until… I cannot open the document, play around for 15 minutes and still can´t do it. So what happens:

  • Frustrations sets in.
  • Body gets tense,
  • Mind gets tense, telling me all kinds of not very kind things.

For example: why did my friend sent me this document in a format that I can´t open with my adobe reader. This cannot be happening, I just want to write, be creative and finish a blogpost. All I´m doing is trying to read this freaking file. Scene: Tension is building, anger is creeping up, can you relate?

Now my mindfulness sets in  quietly reasoning : Marita please calm down, it´s just another challenge, take a deep breath and let it go. You can just let go of trying to open the document right now and start writing your post.

Ah, idea is popping up! I will write a blogpost about frustration. Exactly describing my feelings and how I can transform them, that´s fun. Good plan…feeling much better already. My tense face, is turning into a smile, my shallow breathing is turning into a deep belly breath and life is peaceful and fun again.

What exactly did I do to let go of the frustration? 

  • I was conscious or mindful about what was going on in my mind and body.
  • I thought about one practical thing to that would solve the problem. 
  • I started to talk to myself in a kind way and calm myself down.
  • I focused on my breathing and deepened it.

The practical thing I did was: I sent an e mail to my friend and asked her to paste the text into a new e mail. Problem solved. Frustration is such a powerful feeling, it comes up a lot and it can spoil the mood and wreck the day. Not only for you but also for everybody who comes in contact with you. Normally if the feeling gets suppressed, it will try to find a way to explode.

For example the next person you talk to might say one thing that upsets you and wow an explosion of unkind words might be unloaded on that person. The result is that you get to feel bad about yourself. All this can be avoided by being conscious about what´s going on inside of you.

What I learned from Human Design in regards to frustration.

 I´ve been studying Human Design for a few years.  As a generator, which is one of the 4 energy types in Human Design, I learned that I get frustrated whenever I do not respond correctly to a prompt from the outside, my intuition or gut feeling.

So now whenever I get frustrated, I know that I need to take a deep breath, go for a walk, or meditate. Do something that brings me back to myself. It´s a very simple practice that has changed my life. What are your thoughts about frustration?

Dem Verstand Urlaub Geben


dem Verstand Urlaub geben

Dem Verstand Urlaub Geben

Wie soll das denn bitte gehen?! Der Verstand ist ein wunderbares Werkzeug, um Fakten zu sortieren, Pläne zu erstellen, zu vergleichen und so weiter. Er ist aber nicht geeignet, stimmige Lebensentscheidungen zu treffen, da er nur aus dem schöpfen kann, was schon im Programm unseres Computers, unserer Erfahrung, gespeichert ist. Wenn wir etwas Neues machen wollen, ist es noch nicht gespeichert. Dann läuten im Verstand direkt die Alarmglocken.

Diesen Alarm fühlst du dann als Angst oder Vorsicht. Meistens wird dann die schöne Idee vom Traumleben wieder in die Schublade „vielleicht irgendwann einmal“ einsortiert und vergessen”. Es ist ein spiritueller, metaphysischer Prozess, der von unserem Verstand nicht verstanden wird. Der Intellekt sagt einfach: „So ein Quatsch, das geht nicht, Zeitverschwendung, mach lieber was Vernünftiges, putz die Küche, geh einkaufen!“ oder: „Nichts wie auf die Couch und fernsehen!“

Kennst du diese Stimme? Also einfach loslegen, nicht nachdenken, einfach reinfühlen. Du musst nur anfangen und der Rest wird sich ergeben … glaub einfach dran. Vertraue dem Universum. Den Verstand kann man austricksen indem man spielerisch ist und einfach experimentiert. Es ist nicht nötig zu überlegen wie sich Neues im Leben manifestiert.

Alles wird sich wie ein Puzzle entwickeln, du musst es nicht wissen. Zum Beispiel: Wenn du eine bestimmte Karriere verfolgen willst, wirst du vielleicht jemanden treffen, der dir weiterhelfen kann oder der jemanden kennt, der dir weiterhelfen kann. Diesen Vorgang nennt man auch Synchronizität. Du wirst den Weg nicht im Vorhinein kennen, aber er wird sich dir zeigen, Schritt für Schritt … aber man braucht Vertrauen.

Also übe dich im Vertrauen, das wird alles ändern, ich verspreche es dir.

Hier ein paar Tips:

  • Ich gestalte Bilder mit Wörtern die mir helfen immer daran zu denken was wichtig ist. Ich nenne diese Kreationen auch Power Mantras. Diese Power Mantras hängen an vielen Plätzen meiner Wohnung und erinnern mich an das Wichtige im Leben. Es ist auch so etwas wie die Kurzversion eines Visionboards.
  • Was du dazu brauchst: ein Bildbearbeitungsprogram und Photos, deine Eigenen oder du kannst sie von einer webseite runterladen, wie zum Beispiel: Fotolia oder Pixabay, oder hier auch einige Deutsche Anbieter. Photoshop ist natürlich auch super. Unten ein Beispiel




  • Eine Erinnerung auf deinem Phone einstellen
  • Du kannst natürlich auch eine app runterladen und diese Power Mantras auf deinem Smartphone kreieren

Experimentiere einfach, erlaube dir kreativ zu sein…Hast du Ideen wie man sonst noch Vertrauen üben kann? Bitte teile deine Ideen mit uns.

Hier ist noch ein kleines Geschenk für dich!!! Mein Buch über Visionboards: Die Kraft eines Visionboards – Spielerisch Träume und Ziele verwirklichen, ist endlich auch in Deutsch erhältlich. Einfach den Link  oder das Buch klicken, dann deinen Namen und deine E-Mail eintragen. Danach wird dir der Link zum Buch zugeschickt, den kannst du dann einfach runterladen. Viel Spass und happy manifesting 🙂


Simple Tips To Be More Positive

Simple Tips To Be More Positive

Simple Tips To Be More Positive

Dear friends, please forgive me that I write in English with a German twist and in German with an English twist… but it's what I do 🙂


Ok, here we go: Do you sometimes find yourself in a rut of complaining…. seeing the negative in everything…. only noticing what you don't have and feeling sorry for yourself.

Ouch….. I know it's not very pretty, but I experienced that even some very advanced and wise human beings suffer from this at times. So if it makes you feel better……you are not alone, it’s called… being human 🙂


Can you be open to the fact that everything in the universe is energy? Our body is energy, our thoughts and feelings are energy and everything around us as well. All of life is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Scientific research tells us that we attract the same energy we put out. It's a quantum physics law and it could be what the Buddhists call Karma.


Yes… I know it sounds a bit abstract, but I chose to trust that it's true, even if my mind would like to dissect it and scream: where is the proof? I want proof ! But proof or not it's better to be safe and try to generate good feelings and positive energy to attract more of the good stuff. What do you think?


Keeping this in mind it makes sense, that if we are negative we attract more of the same “energy shit” to us and if we are positive we attract more of the positive people and events towards us. Very simple isn’t it…. but how can we use this in a practical way to improve our lives?


For some people negativity is like an addiction, they dive into it…. for some lucky others it’s easy to be positive. It depends on how they are wired and what was experienced throughout life.


Depending on what's going on in the world some people are easily affected by those energies. Especially for "emotional sponges, or empaths, it's hard to stay positive, because of their sensitivity to energy.


If you are sensitive, you can be affected by the moon, how someone talks to you, the weather, the impatient driver behind you flipping you off, or being in crowds. The good news is that there are few simple practices that can be learned and practiced in order to help you be more positive.


Simple Tips To Be More Positive


  • Skip the news

  • Smile more

  • Read nourishing books

  • Surround yourself with positive people

  • Allow yourself time to play

  • Make time to do things you love to do

  • Turn a poster into your favorite quote

  • Eat good, healthy food

  • Meditate

  • Exercise and get fresh air

  • Affirmations

  • Gratitude


Zap tolerations, at all cost….. avoid people and things that drain your energy. This could be one of the most important tips that I can give you. Even if it’s hard… if someone close to you makes you feel bad and drains your energy, let them go, or at least limit your exposure to them. Skip the news, it’s more helpful for the planet, if you add positive energy to your environment than to know all the horrors going on in the world. It's called self care.


Meditation will help you to become more aware of what’s going on in your mind. This simple awareness will give you the choice to practice a different way of thinking.

One of the improvements after practicing meditation was; that I knew I have a chance to interrupt my trail of thoughts and change them. Very simple but powerful.


  • I will share my very simple meditation with you. I sit down on a chair or a cushion in a quiet place and start breathing, I just keep breathing and imagine breathing in calm and happiness and breathing out negativity. Sometimes I visualize the positive as pink light and warm energy and the negativity as dark brown and cold energy. I do this for five minutes and longer if I have more time….. just breathing, not getting drawn into thoughts…..easy enough?                                                                                             

Affirmations are very simple to help you generate positive energy. Do you remember this guy; Stuart Smalley from "Saturday Night Life?" He said his affirmations in front of a mirror and it was hilarious. Watch the video below it will make you laugh. The key about affirmations is… create them in present time, starting with I am. It's how you would like to feel and what you would like to feel in the NOW. For example…..

  • I love and accept myself
  • I trust the universe
  • I am healthy and happy
  • I have everything I need and more
  • Every cell of my body is vibrant and healthy
  • Good things are coming to me


But fun aside, affirmations and gratitude work very well when you are not feeling great. They will generate the feeling of love in your body and they are simple enough to remember and practice. Keep reminding yourself with “posts it notes” placed in strategic place: your car, fridge, bathroom mirror, any strategic places that you visit more often.


Another very helpful strategy is an accountability partner, a dedicated friend who you can check in

with, when you need to know that all is well and the emotions will pass……

Of course this is one of the reasons that a coach can be a blessings, someone who reminds you of your gifts and assets and who believes in you even if you don’t…and yes sometimes a coach has to challenge you…………If you would like to try my  "coaching experience" session, which is is my gift to you, just Click this link to find out more

One last thing…please smile more….

I wish you a wonderful week and please leave a comment to let us know what helps YOU to come out of a negative rut.


Have fun with Stuart

Finding Joy in the Little Things

Finding Joy in the Little Things

 Finding Joy in the Little Things

Is it hard for you to find joy in the little things? Can you only enjoy the grander, more expensive things in life?

Not really a problem, but you might miss the simple beauty of everyday things.

I used to be like this….. until everything around me crashed and I had nothing left. That was about 10 years ago……

Just briefly what happened: Family gone, money gone, business gone, friends gone and with all that my identity was gone too, which was a very, very good change of events. Yes it was not a pretty picture and my life felt totally empty and meaningless.

To be honest, at that time I did not think it was a good thing, I felt like a victim and was angry, depressed and hurt. But going through the "muck" for several years I slowly found something else: access to my spirit, a deep self love and last not least I found my life purpose.

10 years ago I did not have a clue of what that could be, or how I could find this. These days everything is different, I will celebrate my 60 birthday this summer and I decided to start celebrating now.

Who knows what can happen not that I worry that I might die, but I just want to live "full blast", have fun, do things I love to do, get over some of my challenges, try new things, be more self expressed, be bold, be curageous.

The reason is; that 2 of my friends died last year, they were around 60, too young to die. So I thought to myself, who knows how many years I have. One of the friends who died was always worried about money for retirement. Well that was a waste of energy, she did not even live to enjoy retirement age.

So what are the little things?

My "little things"…..  are activities and things that do not cost a lot of money like: Hanging out with friends, cooking and enjoying a nice meal together, watching the sunset, going for a nice walk in nature.

Doing things you love to do, walking along the beach, writing in your journal, listening to beautiful music, watching a good movie, meditating with friends, going to retreats, inspiring others. Going on a local adventure, trying something new, floating in warm water, getting a massage, engaging in deep conversations, being with like minded people, taking a fun class, going dancing…………..I can't stop

What simple things do you love? Please engage and leave a comment, psssst: it might inspire someone 🙂



Over 50 Happy and Fit


over fifty happy and fit


Over 50 Happy and Fit

Do YOU remember when YOU were young and thought that women over 40 are very old? I sure did and now that I am almost 60………. it's not old at all.

How do YOU feel about your age, the state of YOUR body and YOUR mind? Are YOU happy with YOUR life? If not, what do YOU do about it?

I come from a background where I heard, and for that matter, hear the following sentence a lot: Things are the way they are and I am the way I am and that's it……….no room for growth 🙂

These days I don’t have to accept this statement as truth any more. It's empowering for me to be fit and happy and to create my life the way it works for me.

I started making changes  when I was 50 and it has been a marvelous, but also a painful journey of self-discovery. But to be honest even the pain was ok, because it helped me feel my feelings.

My life up to that point was ok, or at least that's what I thought………….

Turning 40 I was middle aged-plump, I weighed about 160 pounds and did not feel good in my skin. Eventually I signed up for the gym and did a 3 day routine, lost some weight but not much……..Turning 50, I went through a total crises and changed my diet, my lifestyle. some of my friends, my old way of thinking and more.

I dropped French bread and replaced it with dark German whole grain bread, I quit alcohol, smoking and comfort food……… Or to be honest I still had comfort food sometimes and here and there I had a glass of wine with dinner.  I believe that it's too hard to be too strict with myself; there are always exceptions to my rules.

My new diet included  more steamed vegetables and salads, and water replaced juices. The interesting thing was that I quit smoking but did not have a desire to binge eat. That was a miracle, It probably was due to the fact that I practiced meditation and lots of methods to help me be aware of what I think and what I do.

These programs and teachers helped me:

  • Mind power with John Kehoe
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • 12 step programs
  • Byron Katie
  • Louise Hay
  • Eckhart Tolle

Now that I'm 59, I still keep up my gym routine, I found a class that I love. A mix of Yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong. I do weights and I love power plate exercises, which also helps with osteoporosis… or so I heard. I love to ride my bike and go for walks.

One of my other favorites is 5 rhythm classes, but so far I have not been able to find it in my town in Germany, although I could take the train to Cologne………..It's funny, when I lived in the state a one hour commute was normal. At times, I would do it every day, now I think it's too hard….I have to meditate on this one………..Anyway, it’s important  to make it fun and keep it exciting.

Yesterday I met a woman at the gym, she is 62 and has the body of a 30 year old, I kept noticing her and thought wow, this is amazing……… she inspires me. We started chatting about life, what we do in order to keep our bodies fit and how we stay inspired and happy.

She told me that she works with a hospice service as a volunteer which reminded me that I wanted to volunteer for a hospice service for a long time, but keep talking about and have not done it. So now that I got the contact information of the organization that does the training, I will talk to them.

For me this was another sign that it's something I should do. Believe it or not I've been thinking and talking about it for years……………….I believe in signs, if I want to do something and somehow reminders show up out of the blue, it's my sign to DO IT. This is part of my "spiritual fitness."

To recognize the signs, follow my intuition and my gut instinct. If I live my life according to these guidelines I’m in tune with myself. Meditation and self-reflection are great tools to help strengthen these qualities.

How do YOU keep your mind and your body fit? Please leave a comment I love to read them.

What Do You Do When You Feel Like The Lights Are Out?

What do you do when you feel like the lights are out

What Do You Do When You Feel Like The Lights Are Out?

Of course this is meant in a metaphorical sense 🙂 When I say lights I mean; creativity, happiness, aliveness, a good sense of self and motivation. It does not feel good, "when the lights are out", but unfortunately it happens. I just experienced an episode………….. Everything was fine, I got a lot of projects done, had good insights, was full of creative energy and then………

  • I found out that 2 wonderful people I knew, died unexpectedly,
  • One of my clients did not show up for her call
  • I got a bad score in a practicum

All these events threw me off track. I felt sad, unloved, stupid, unfairly judged and deserted, yes all the "yucky things"…. Normally I can take this as an adult and it would be ok, but this time it threw me back into being a 5 year old, feeling rejected and yelled at for something……………can YOU relate?

It took me 2 days to recover and it sucked all my creative energy out of my system. All I wanted to do was sleep, which I allowed myself to do and I did not force myself to do anything, I thought I needed to do.

For example tell myself that now I spent enough time feeling sorry for myself and it's time to get back to work……., no I just let it be. . After the 2 days I felt that my lights came back on and I was back to my adventurous self. So what was it?

Sometimes when we want to move ahead, make life experiments and try new things in life and businesses, "the play safe team" gets overwhelmed and wants to remind us to better play it safe. It creates challenges for us to say: don’t do this it’s not safe, this is too scary, I will not venture there, I rather stay where it's safe.

Because it’s the job of the "play safe team"  to keep us safe, not happy, not thriving, but SAFE. The good thing is; that the more we practice self-awareness or mindfulness, the easier it will be for us to feel what’s going on. If we can be very compassionate and loving with this scared part of ourselves, it will cooperative, the more love it gets, the faster it will recover 🙂

What do YOU think, have YOU experienced something like this? What has helped YOU to get out?

How To Turn Work Time Into Fun Time

How To Turn Worktime Into Funtime

How To Turn Work Time Into Fun Time

Hello my friends, how are YOU doing? I hope life is treating you well, or if that's not the case that you find a way to make the best of it.

Some people wait for retirement to have fun…. no no no don't do that, make it fun now 🙂

I am self-employed and work out of my home office, which is great, but sometimes I like to be around people. It’s so important to have fun at work and find ways to create an environment that inspires the creative juices to flow.

In the spirit of play I took myself to my favorite bookstore, ordered a cup of Cappuccino, and enjoyed the beautiful view of the old cathedral, the tall trees and the people streaming by below. The cloud formations floating across the sky were like pieces of art……….  

All this inspired me to write and I thought to myself: I am so lucky to be able to work like this. It was so easy to write, the words just kept flowing out of nowhere onto my paper.

Other times I go to the library to work on my laptop, which is another favorite place to have "fun at work." It’s a great place to take a break and look at books or magazines to get inspired in between.

Creativity and playtime need to be nurtured and it’s much more fun to work when creativity is flowing, so it’s important to come up with creative ways to do that. Sometimes we can’t draw it out of ourselves, but need to do little things to invite inspiration.

  • Meditation is a great way to get into the creative zone
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Go for a walk in between to clear you head
  • Take regular breaks
  • Talk to some fun people

Some parts of work might not be fun……. period, but instead of complaining about it nonstop and giving it all this nasty, negative energy, try to make the best of it and change your perspective about it. YOU will see that it's a lot easier to just do it and then voila, it’s done. Now you just have to pat yourself on the back big time!

Mastermind groups of like minded, fun people are also a great way to have fun and get more ideas. We are communal beings and need the connectedness and exchange with others. This is a great way to practice connecting and exchanging………………Now I'm running out of ideas, the ball is in your court now 🙂

What helps YOU to have more fun at work? Please leave a comment to share your insight, we love to read it.


Oh, I almost forgot, check out my "Dive into a Great New Life Experience" it's my gift to you.

Two 45 minute coaching sessions, a fun assignment in between and a great follow up.

Just do it! It's never too late to have a great life 🙂

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Love Yourself The Way You are

love and accept yourself the way you are

Love Yourself The Way You Are

This is the trick to a fulfilled life. If YOU fully love and accept yourself , YOU will find happiness!

Do YOU believe it? If you don't you're not there yet. But don't worry this can be changed.

I will tell you what happened to me and at the end I posted some practical action steps for YOU 🙂

Somehow I did not like myself very much and it was very painful. I was arrogant, which was a way for me to make up for my missing self love and selfworth.

When I look back, I know now that I did not have much awareness for who I was or how I felt. My main concern was other people, especially my husband and my 2 kids.

The focus was on taking care of them and trying to control everything around me. That's what I learned when I grew up, to control, to be perfect  and so forth. "To be a human doing not a human being". Boring story, I'm tired of it.

Continue reading “Love Yourself The Way You are”

How To Stay Positive In A Negative Environment

How To Stay Positive In A Negative Environment

How To Stay Positive In A Negative Environment

You might say that it's not a good idea to hang around negative people and I would say the same. But sometimes these people are close family and we might not want to stay away.

For example parents: They might be getting old, in pain, scared and in a situation where they have to let go of control. Can YOU see how hard this is? I sure can and if someone does not have training in spiritual principles, or personal development it's hard to deal with these facts and the default might be: NEGATIVITY.

My choice was to move back to Germany to be closer to my parents. After living in California for 34 years, this was a hard decision, but somehow my feeling told me: Marita it's time to go back and be there for them. One problem is that there is a lot of negativity in my parents environment and I will need a strong practice and support system in order to not get sucked in.

Watching the news several times a day, complaining about the state of the world, the greed, the problems, the cheeting. Getting together with others, all this gets discussed and it's a vicious cycle of a hostile world, injustice, powerlessness and sickness. Wow it's no fun, I don't even want to know.

A toxic environment, but I make it my practice to be present and to stay positive, I want to be a "breath of fresh air". Detachment with love is the practice and I watch everything around me like a movie. The practice is to not react and to be loving and patient. Thank god I have a good meditation practice and support system of friends who will keep me on track.

I am so amazed and grateful about my progress. All the work with 12 step groups, spiritual programs, personal development and coaching have made such a difference in my life. It empowers and supports me through difficult times. The important lesson for me is to know that not everybody around me has the awareness to be on this path of forgiveness, acceptance and letting go and I have to accept this.

Living in a space of mystery and not knowing what tomorrow will bring is also challenging, to say the least. Living life outside of the comfortzone, having faith that everything is the way it's supposed to be and just flowing with whatever happens. That's the space where miracles happen.

My " Simple Miracle"

The beginning of December I applied for an apartment in Germany, I was hoping to be able to move in January 1, but I will not be able to move in until February 1. The thought of staying with my parents for another month was hard for me and for them. Now the miracle was, that I applied for US citizenship and the only thing left to do was my "Swearing in Ceremony, which I did not have a date for at the time. One day later my friend checked my mail and I got the date for the ceremony, January 8th. I booked a flight and decided to stay in California until the end of January. So, it worked out perfectly!

These miracles strenghen my trust in the universe and the more I notice them, the more I can let go of trying to control everything. What a relief that is.

What's your recent miracle?




Empower Your Life With A Daily Meditation Practice

Empower Your Life With A Daily Meditation Practice 


Empower Your Life With A Daily Meditation Practice

Most people have a hard time to meditate, you are not the only one! I had a very hard time to get my practice going, I found it extremely difficult to sit down, do nothing and just watch my breath.
Actually I could not do it.

Finally a  friend told me about a meditation instruction class.  I was desperate, my life was totally out of control so I tried it. This structure helped me to get into the habit. I just kept sitting down until my mind stopped chattering and there was peace for 10 minutes.

This practice has changed my life, gave me more peace, kindness, and awareness.

A few of the benefits  of meditation are:

  •  It will help you get into the creative zone
  •  Reduce stress
  • Improve your overall health and wellbeing
  •  Improve communication
  • Improve awareness
  • Improve realtionships

Yes and  it’s free, all you need is a quiet place to close your eyes, focus on your breath and that’s it.

What does it do?

This space of non-doing and non-resistance will give you a chance to feel your own energy field and stop the stream of thoughts. The moment of "not thinking" will give you time to recover from constant “thinking strain” which is also called "monkey mind" and resistance.

You create resistance when you have thoughts of wanting to be happy, content and successful, but you also have negative thoughts like: "it''s not possible". When you don’t have resistance, you can choose how to act and it will be easier to attract all the good things into your life.

The less resistance you have, the less negative thoughts you have and the less you will repel the good things. (Thinking, especially negative thinking can be a very strong energy and as long as we are involved in it, we might not be able to let in intuition.)

It's a magical process and very simple.  But sometimes we don’t want to do the simple and obvious things because we get too intellectual about it and our mind takes us out.

Have you ever heard yourself say?
• It’s too easy, this cannot work,
• How can sitting somewhere with my eyes closed make my life better
• This is stupid
• I don’t have time.
• I cannot do it

Now the good news is: you do not have to listen to this voice and you do not have to sit and meditate for hours, or even ½ an hour. If you start with 5 minutes a day it will be a good start. Probably it will feel so good to take some time out that you will want to meditate longer. But this is up to you.
So try it out and have fun with it. If you need more instruction get a guided meditation CD and start changing your life!

What is your meditation practice? Please leave a comment and let us know:-)