How to Improve your Personal Environment

How to Improve your Personal Environment


How to Improve your Personal Environment

Hello again, I hope you are well and enjoying your life. Right now nature is exploding with delicate green buds, days are getting longer, the sun is warming up the ground, birds are chirping away. What a wonderful time of the year.

Spring is always a great time for a nice cleaning, not just the cleaning of your home but also looking at your relationships, bodies, mind and spirit. In this blogpost we look at your physical environment. The next blogpost will be about your body and appearance.

 It´s a great opportunity to evaluate what works and what does not work in your immediate environment, the result will be increased life energy for the things you want to do and to help you create the life you love


Your physical environment

Let´s look at your home and workspace:

Are you happy with the way your home and office looks and feels?

No matter what the answer is, just start with a nice cleaning, use a good environmentally safe cleaner, with essential oils to make it more pleasant. Open the windows to let in fresh air, put on your favourite music and let´s start. While you do this, look at everything and ask yourself the following questions.

  •          Is there any clutter that makes you feel bad, but you ignore it?
  •          Are there repairs that you just do not get around to?
  •          Is anything missing?
  •          Anything that can be let go of?

Yeah, it´s amazing how much stuff gets accumulated but, do you need it all? Probably not. What I really love is the Feng Shui principle that when empty space gets created, the void will attract something new into your life. What a wonderful concept that always helps me to let go of stuff.

Broken things and  messes drain your energy. Yes it´s true… you just have to be aware and mindful of how you feel and what gives energy and what takes energy. Practicing mindfulness or being aware of everything inside and outside yourself is a huge part of living a happy, fulfilled life.

Try a little experiment and see how it makes you feel, give it your total awareness. Clean up something, fix something or get rid of something and feel the energy in your body.

  •          How does it feel?
  •          What changed?
  •          Do you have more energy?

One more practical tip: I always have 2 bags and one box around, one bag for stuff to give away, one bag for garbage and a box for stuff that I do not really need but still want to hang on to. I list the items on the box and put a date on. If I have not needed it after a year I go through again and might want to let it go. This is an ongoing process and it´s real fun.

Here are two example from my life

I broke the glass container of my blender about 6 months ago. Somehow it really bothered me that I had to buy a new one. Sure I tried to go to some local shops to buy it but it was not available. One salesperson gave me the website to order the part…that was about 4 months ago.

Despite the many occasions where I needed a blender and feeling bad about not doing it, I still have not gotten around to it. Last week I started a detox and really needed one, so I finally ordered it online. I cannot tell you how good that felt, not to have to think about the blender anymore, it freed up energy for other things. 

Another little example for fixing something: When my internet was installed the cable guy needed to install a new jack, but they were only allowed to connect the cables coming out of the wall, so the jack was just hanging there.

I had to get my handyman to install it, which took me about 7 months and I finally did it this months. The joy I felt after it was done was exhilarating. Now I can walk by this part of the room and feel good. Before there was always the nagging thought: Marita this looks sloppy, get it fixed, why don´t you do it? 

The feeling after something is done is fabulous and I never understand why it took me so long. Does this happen to you? Let me know if this was helpful? Do you have a good tip you would like to share? Please leave a comment.

Ps: Some ideas in this post are inspired by the world power method of my wonderful school Coachville New York


What Do You Do When You Feel Like The Lights Are Out?

What do you do when you feel like the lights are out

What Do You Do When You Feel Like The Lights Are Out?

Of course this is meant in a metaphorical sense 🙂 When I say lights I mean; creativity, happiness, aliveness, a good sense of self and motivation. It does not feel good, "when the lights are out", but unfortunately it happens. I just experienced an episode………….. Everything was fine, I got a lot of projects done, had good insights, was full of creative energy and then………

  • I found out that 2 wonderful people I knew, died unexpectedly,
  • One of my clients did not show up for her call
  • I got a bad score in a practicum

All these events threw me off track. I felt sad, unloved, stupid, unfairly judged and deserted, yes all the "yucky things"…. Normally I can take this as an adult and it would be ok, but this time it threw me back into being a 5 year old, feeling rejected and yelled at for something……………can YOU relate?

It took me 2 days to recover and it sucked all my creative energy out of my system. All I wanted to do was sleep, which I allowed myself to do and I did not force myself to do anything, I thought I needed to do.

For example tell myself that now I spent enough time feeling sorry for myself and it's time to get back to work……., no I just let it be. . After the 2 days I felt that my lights came back on and I was back to my adventurous self. So what was it?

Sometimes when we want to move ahead, make life experiments and try new things in life and businesses, "the play safe team" gets overwhelmed and wants to remind us to better play it safe. It creates challenges for us to say: don’t do this it’s not safe, this is too scary, I will not venture there, I rather stay where it's safe.

Because it’s the job of the "play safe team"  to keep us safe, not happy, not thriving, but SAFE. The good thing is; that the more we practice self-awareness or mindfulness, the easier it will be for us to feel what’s going on. If we can be very compassionate and loving with this scared part of ourselves, it will cooperative, the more love it gets, the faster it will recover 🙂

What do YOU think, have YOU experienced something like this? What has helped YOU to get out?