Making Correct Decisions


Making Correct Decisions


Making Correct Decisions is hard. What about You, is it hard for you? Many questions arise, for example what is the correct decision? What is it based on? For whom is it right?

Do you find it confusing to listen to all these inner voices, with each of them having a different opinion? The voice of the mind screams loudly and repeatedly: what I tell you is the correct decision.

“The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.”

                                                                                                                                                      Robin S. Sharma

I myself have a very busy mind, I learned to stand aside and just observe the voices. The soft voice of the heart, or intuition, quietly whispers into your ear.  The intuition is so soft that it´s hard to hear through the screaming and persistent noise of the mind.

Do you sometimes notice the fight for your attention, when you have to make decisions?

It´s quite interesting to stop and listen to the inner voices.

Do I hear youself say:  Voices? I don´t have inner voices? Ok… may I ask you to stop and experiment?

Let´s play a simple little game:


  1. Pretend you want to make a decision, for example where to go for dinner
  2. Now stop and listen to inner dialog.
  3. Can you hear the screaming of the mind?


What does the quiet voice say?  Maybe it says: I want hamburger and french fries ๐Ÿ™‚ or do you hear it say, maybe we should have a nice organic salad?

Human beings used to listen to the intuition and were much more in tune with the environment, but now the mind is so over-developed that it wants to take over everything…. Ouch, this is a problem.

Nothing against hamburger and fries, sometimes I like to eat it too, but only sometimes:-)

We also used to be very intuitive, because we were in touch with nature and the environment. Somehow through the development of the mind the intuition has disappeared.

But the mind is not the right tool to make decisions, it´s the intuition, the feeling in your gut. Now I´m not saying that the mind is not good for a lot of things. Let´s look at the mind as a mechanical device, like a computer. What does it do?


  • Analyze
  • Sort
  • Research
  • Compare
  • Think
  • Memorize


A few ideas that will be helpful to make correct decision.

The quote that I postet above says it all: The mind is a wonderful servant but a bad master. If we use it as a tool it´s great, if we let it run our life it´s a problem. We are all connected to something greater, some call it the field of consciousness, some call it morphic fields and many other names.

I believe that if we get quiet, relax, trust and open up to this field, the right answer will come. But it does not happen when we think we should have a decision, it happens…. when it happens.

Some of you might frown now and think that this is farfetched… that´s ok. The realist mind is very one-sided ๐Ÿ™‚

The best tip to change your life is: listen to your intuition, the little voice or feeling that arises in the heart or in the gut and see how this one thing can change your life.

One of my favorite tools is: trust the universe and practice meditation.

Would you like to try some?  The link to the right will take you to some simple, free meditations by Jack Kornfield.

Other tools that I found valuable and yes I use them myself: The mind power course by John Kehoe.  There is another powerful, free program, a course in miracles, That was my first transformational course I did 13 years ago and now I´m doing it for the second time.

Oh and one more tip, furious dancing will help your mind to relax and will help the voice of the intuition to surface. By the way, this is my favourite, fun tool to quiet the mind: 5Rhythm dancing by Gabrielle Roth.


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