Every-Day Miracles

I love it when I get found by miracles. For most people it´s an abstract concept, not to say an-obtainable. For me too… miracles were something out of a fairy-tale, a movie, a book, but they did not exist in my reality.

After being open to think in a different way, I chose to believe that miracles are everywhere and happen all the time, as long as I pay attention. This is the simple strategy: the more conscious I am, the more quiet I can get, the more miracles I can see.

Let me give you a few examples: For a while I was trying to find someone who offers creative studio hours, a place where I can go and paint whatever I want, maybe just play wildly, without trying to create something beautiful, or thinking of any rules how to create an interesting painting, but just throw colors onto a piece of something.

Somehow I asked in a local Facebook group, if anybody knows someone… and I got a contact, which I tried and decided that it was not what I was looking for. So back to square one, I waited a while and I met the person again who recommended the other studio and told me that now he will be offering open painting studio, which is exactly what I´m looking for. Sebastian Schmidt: mein Raum Aachen, Germany

That´s a miracle… if I would not be tuned-in to these kind of things, I would not notice. So you might ask yourself, what exactly is so great about that. Ok…what it is for me is that I feel supported by the universe, I feel that there is some “higher power” out there that wants me to have and do the things I love, so that I can fulfill my purpose.

Another thing that came to me was 5rhythm dancing. I moved to Aachen Germany and wanted to dance 5rhythms. After checking on the global website, I found a teacher listed for this town and I immediately e-mailed her. Unfortunately she did not teach anymore, but told me about a small group of women who came together and danced.

Of course I joined them and a year later the same woman contacted me, to let me know that a teacher from Holland would like to start waves in Aachen, but needed help with organizing. Well I did not have a clue on how to organize this, but a young woman with lots of energy did and she started bringing different teachers to Aachen.

How wonderful is that? For me that was another miracle, the universe wanted me to dance and to express my creativity 🙂

5 years ago I could not decide if I should move from California back to Germany. After spending 35 years of my life there, this was an agonizing decision to make, so I asked the universe to give me 3 signs. Within 3 months I got 3 significant signs and I started to dismantle my life in America, bought a one-way ticket to Germany and never doubted my decision. Thank you universe!

When I trust that everything works out in the best possible way for all concerned, I live my life on purpose and everything that happens is a piece of a giant life puzzle, I feel connected and safe in this world, full of obstacles, which are learning opportunities for me. Sometimes it works better and sometimes it doesn´t but this way of being helps me to go with the flow of change.

It helps me to keep in mind, that everything I need, comes to me at the right time and that it might not always be what my ego thinks it wants or needs. Studying the principles of human design, the course in miracles, 12 step programs and other interesting spiritual wisdom help me to be open to a different way of looking at the world and accepting reality for what it is, or at least that´s the plan…sometimes I like to sit on the “pity potty” too.

Thanks you for your interest and I hope you get a little something out of my creative way of seeing and dancing with the world.

Look what I found: J.R Richmond is talking about Human Design, 12 Steps and a course in miracles


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