Empower Your Life With A Daily Meditation Practice

Empower Your Life With A Daily Meditation Practice 


Empower Your Life With A Daily Meditation Practice

Most people have a hard time to meditate, you are not the only one! I had a very hard time to get my practice going, I found it extremely difficult to sit down, do nothing and just watch my breath.
Actually I could not do it.

Finally a  friend told me about a meditation instruction class.  I was desperate, my life was totally out of control so I tried it. This structure helped me to get into the habit. I just kept sitting down until my mind stopped chattering and there was peace for 10 minutes.

This practice has changed my life, gave me more peace, kindness, and awareness.

A few of the benefits  of meditation are:

  •  It will help you get into the creative zone
  •  Reduce stress
  • Improve your overall health and wellbeing
  •  Improve communication
  • Improve awareness
  • Improve realtionships

Yes and  it’s free, all you need is a quiet place to close your eyes, focus on your breath and that’s it.

What does it do?

This space of non-doing and non-resistance will give you a chance to feel your own energy field and stop the stream of thoughts. The moment of "not thinking" will give you time to recover from constant “thinking strain” which is also called "monkey mind" and resistance.

You create resistance when you have thoughts of wanting to be happy, content and successful, but you also have negative thoughts like: "it''s not possible". When you don’t have resistance, you can choose how to act and it will be easier to attract all the good things into your life.

The less resistance you have, the less negative thoughts you have and the less you will repel the good things. (Thinking, especially negative thinking can be a very strong energy and as long as we are involved in it, we might not be able to let in intuition.)

It's a magical process and very simple.  But sometimes we don’t want to do the simple and obvious things because we get too intellectual about it and our mind takes us out.

Have you ever heard yourself say?
• It’s too easy, this cannot work,
• How can sitting somewhere with my eyes closed make my life better
• This is stupid
• I don’t have time.
• I cannot do it

Now the good news is: you do not have to listen to this voice and you do not have to sit and meditate for hours, or even ½ an hour. If you start with 5 minutes a day it will be a good start. Probably it will feel so good to take some time out that you will want to meditate longer. But this is up to you.
So try it out and have fun with it. If you need more instruction get a guided meditation CD and start changing your life!

What is your meditation practice? Please leave a comment and let us know:-)

19 thoughts on “Empower Your Life With A Daily Meditation Practice”

  1. I can vouch for the benefits of meditation as one who practices transcendental meditation. For anyone who hasn’t tried learning the practice, it’s worth a shot!

  2. Ah, yes, the "monkey mind" — I don't think I know a single entrepreneur who doesn't struggle with this!  So many great ideas, projects, people — all swirling around our heads at any given moment.

    Taking time to calm our minds and center ourselves is ALWAYS time well spent.

  3. I rather enjoy meditating, however, to be honest, I don’t do it on a consistent basis… hence… what’s the point!! LOL! thanks for the reminder Marita! great job! p

  4. I tried meditation many years ago, but like you Marita, I didn’t know how to do it. After taking Neuro Linguistic Programming into my life and my work practice, I now realise the importance of physical, mental and emotional state.

    It’s time I think to go back and give meditation another try. Thanks for sharing Marita.

  5. So true, Marita. It's hard to get out minds to shut down and meditation of any kind is a great way to do that. It also helps to do it before you go to sleep to help you drop off faster and clear you mind. 

  6. I have such trouble finding quiet time. Between 2 dogs, a cat, a husband who works from home and a toddler, I can't even find quiet time in the bathroom! lol I even fall asleep to the TV because my husband stays up later than myself. Hopefully, after the holidays, things can change a bit.

  7. The first time I tried it, I last 17 seconds! I can tell that it will take practice. I know that the benefits are incredible. I have a mind that races all of the time. I really do need to learn how to calm it down.

  8. I cannot do meditations which require visualizing myself on a beach with the waves and the palm trees, etc. My head just keeps saying "NO, it's 21 degrees outside; you are NOT there."
    Thankfully I found some apps which just help concentrate on "the meditation process" itself. That has worked well for me, so far.

  9. I know that it has its benefits but I have such a hard time. When I was practicing yoga before I moved to Tx this summer, I would lay there at the end, when we were doing guided relaxation and the whole time I was fighting myself.. shut up Kristen, get out of my head, clear your mind. Kind of funny but sad. 

  10. I also meditate from time to time. When everyone’s already asleep, I just sit on my bed or inside my car, close my eyes and unload my mind of any thoughts and I do this for around 5-10 minutes.

  11. I’ll have to try this. I took a yoga class in college, but didn’t do very well with the meditation part. I would try forcing myself to turn off the head chatter and ended up with a headache. Always up for trying something new!

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