How To Empower Your Life With Creativity

How to empower your life with creativity


How To Empower Your Life With Creativity

Creativity is not about intelligence or information. It's about inspiration, from the Latin word "spiritus", meaning "breath, courage, the soul." Creativity is about being fully alive, living courageously, or as the painter Joan Miro´ says, "Expressing with precision all the gold sparks the soul gives off." When was the last time you felt fully alive? What is it that triggers your courage and challenges your fear of sharing your soul? Knowing this is the key to discovering the creativity that is waiting to be expressed through you.Expressing your creativity, your true self, is one simple way to empowe your life.

When people ask you if you are creative, do you say: No I’m not creative at all.

  • I can't draw
  •  I can’t paint
  •  I don’t have  it


If so, you're not alone. Many people think that creativity has been gifted to some selected few.  If they can't paint like Van Gough, sing like Maria Callas, sculpt like Rodin, write like Simone De Beauvoir, they don't dare claim to be creative. It feels like an arrogant thing to say about yourself. If you are not an expert, or not making a living from your creations it feels like a sin to say you are creative.

But creativity is our very birthright, our gift. Why, when we're asked to think of someone creative, do we rarely think of ourselves, but of famous people, that have defined creativity over the years? We think of Picasso, Mozart, Diebenkorn, Matisse and their likes, when the real truth is that every one of us is a born creator. It’s the gift we bring to the world: the ability to create, to turn something invisible into something visible, to create something out of nothing and to fully express ourselves.


Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of the book: “Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention”, says that creativity doesn't happen in our heads but in the interaction between our imagination and our social context. It's a matter of experience and response, a matter of relationship to others and a commentary on the significance of our encounters.

Creativity is the vivid expression of who we are in the world

  • our imagination creates our thoughts
  • our thoughts create our words
  • our words create our actions
  • our actions create our experience
  • our collective experience and expression create our culture


Each of us is contributing part to the creation of the cultures we participate in. The world is not divided into two groups of the creative and the uncreative. If there's a distinction, it's between those who are creatively productive and those with unexpressed potential. People who do not express their creativity are not happy campers, they are the ones who feel unfulfilled, bored and resentful. We are creative by nature aand need to find a way to live it.

Each of us, to varying degrees is unconsciously motivated to create, to be original and to solve challenging problems. The question to ask is not, "Am I creative?" But rather: "What inspires me to create?"

Creativity can be expressed in simple ways. It can be how we dress, how we communicate, how we interact, how we move, how we solve problems. It can be expressed in cooking, or dancing, in decorating our homes and many other simple pleasures. There are unlimited ways to express creativity. It’s having fun in life, it’s laughing, it’s all the good stuff.

What about you? Do you not allow yourself creativity and time to play? Do you say: I will do it when I have time, first I have to practice, go to school. I will do it when I’m not so stressed out or maybe when I’m retired……….Does this sound familiar to you. If it does please reconsider and try to do the things you love to do, it will lift your spirit:-)

Please leave a comment with you thoughts and I hope this inspired you to find your creativity.



10 thoughts on “How To Empower Your Life With Creativity”

  1. I find that lately I’m so busy that I almost run out of creativity. I think my brain needs a break to regain the freedom and calm needed to live up to my creative potential.

  2. Yes Marita… I love this. I have never been creative as in painting or drawing, but have always had a creative side, thinking outside the box, organization, eloquent in speaking and telling a story and just being real…  You don't have to be artistic in order to be creative… and I think each of us has a different meaning for our own creatives. GREAT!

  3. My mother and my sister are super talented in both painting and sculpting. My mother also used to be a floral designer for weddings. So you can imagine my frustration that I was not privvy to these creative gifts.  I can, however, dance…. a bit…at least enough to make me happy.  I can also cook and am a fairly decent writer. Thankfully, there are many ways to be creative.

  4. Nice take on the word 'creativity' – while I don't think of myself as creative, this post encourages to re-think how I view the word and realize that there are ways in which I'm creative. Thanks!

  5. Marita, were you talking to me? Sure felt like it as I’ve been looking for ways to reignite my creative spark. It’s gotten lost somewhere in all the day-to-day activities of being a “responsible” adult. Thanks for this post, I really needed to hear this!

  6. Great post. I used to believe that I wasn't very creative, but that's because I'm not very skilled in drawing, painting and some of the traditional forms of expressing creativity. The truth is we are creative in many different ways.

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