How To Bring The Spirit Of Play Into Your Life

How to bring the spirit of play into your life

How To Bring The Spirit Of Play Into Your Life

Have you noticed that when you have fun at work or play, life is lot more enjoyable, playful and adventurous?

Wouldn't it be great to bring fun to all the chores you have to do, the work that needs to get done, the jobs you have to go to. The approach is to turn everything, you don't like into something you do like. Yes it might require to make things up, or to pretend a little bit, but that's ok. 

Do you agree that YOU could be a lot happier as a result?

The problem is that most of us from the industrial generation did not learn to have fun at work or in life. We learned that everything needs to be worked at and that making money, or working has to be hard.  Nobody mentioned that it could be fun. Life was supposed to be hard and that reflected in everything we did. These were my messages when I grew up.

  • Artists always struggle
  • Work is hard
  • You must work hard for you money
  • People with lots of money must be crooks
  • Work is no fun
  • You must be practial

On it goes, have you heard these phrases? I made an experiment a few years back when I hated my business and my 1 hour commute. I knew there was nothing I could do at this time to change my work. There was also nothing I could do about the commute. So to constantly complain and resist reality made me suffer and was a  waste of energy. All of a sudden I had the thought:  what if I accept this as a fact and try to enjoy everything as best I can….. Well this was an interesting new approach and worth a try.

How did I transform my thinking?

I got great audios to listen to, which made the commute pleasurable and every day when I woke up, I said to myself "I am so happy I have this business and all these wonderful clients who are happy with my work. I am grateful for my employees, who like me and help me do whatever needs to be done and I can totally trust them. How lucky I am that I have this wonderful business."

Every client who called or came in was offered a silent prayer and was thanked for being so kind and for inquiring about my services and for being wonderful. (I was the only one who knew this). It was interesting that as soon as my attitude changed and I stopped complaining about it, I actually started liking my work.

Not only that the clients who came in were more considerate, but everything was more pleasant and less stressful, including me. This was my first awareness how positive thinking could change my reality, how people behave, how I feel and of course, I attracted more clients because I was cheerful, confident and happy. More clients meant more sales and more revenue. I was on the first step of a wonderful transformation of myself and the life arround me.

This process is ongoing and will last forever. It's a practice of mindfulness, or awareness that never stops, but it's a magical and fun ride. Do YOU have things in YOUR life that YOU don't like but cannot change right now?  Try this approach and I promise the results will be transformative. Life is a lot more fun when YOU are content, happy and fulfilled.  Everything feels so much better when YOU are grateful for what you have rather than to complain about what YOU don't have.

Bring more fun into life and create the life of your dreams by

  • Turning everything into a game
  • Looking at everything from the bright side
  • Find creative ways to do things
  • Inspire others to do the same

Have you tried this practice? If the answer is YES,  please leave a comment and if NO please leave a comment. Both will help others. wishing YOU a wonderful mindful week.

"When you change, the world around you changes"

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