Do You Believe You Can Create Your Life?

Do You Believe You Can Create Your Life?


Do You Believe You Can Create Your Life?

If you say no, then why?

I also did not believe I can create my life, it took me a long, long time. Somehow I could not believe that I can be successful, that I can be and have what I want. Success was for other people, the "lucky ones." Does this sound familiar to you?

Well thank god, I changed my mind. I now believe that I can create my life and that I can have and be what I want to be.

What happened?

When I grew up I did not experience empowering thinking. I learned that I have to work hard for whatever I want and that it was frivolous to dream BIG. Even the thought of wishing for a positive outcome was "unrealistic". Life was not supposed to be fun.  There was  very little positive thinking, to be honest: my life was dominated by negative thinking. Can YOU relate?

I grew up, learning from my immediate environment, my family, close friends and school. What I learned, I took on and eventually it was ME. I never heard of the concept that I can train my mind, that I can have control over my thoughts and my reactions. What a radical concept! When I first heard it I thought it was absolutely crazy.

Years later when I lived in California, a friend from Germany visited us, she was loving and totally positive. I was stunned because it made me feel so good to be around these positive vibes. Fast forward 30 years… my life crashed, my marriage ended, my kids were angry, my business folded, my house was gone and so on……..But the good news is that I started looking into other ways of being, I was sick and tired of MYSELF.

What did I Do?

I immersed myself into personal development, to heal my wounds, to forgive and to accept.

  • Therapy
  • 12 steps groups
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual teachings

Slowly I started to change and like a miracle…. my life started to change. Most of my old friends drifted out of my life and new ones appeared. One spiritual concept is: "if the student is ready the teacher will appear" and so it happend. My life is magical now, I believe that I can achieve my dreams and that I deserve it….

My favorite empowerment tools is: to  make vision boards. It's very effective tool to help visualize and focus on goals and intentions. (I posted a video of my latest creation at the end of the post.)

Another empowerment tool is to listen to programs like John Kehoe's "mindpower" to train my thinking and to practice being in the vibration of success. I feel totally empowered, I love to learn and to experiment. Life is great and I like myself just the way I am.

At 58 years old I don't say anymore that its too late to start something new. Actually I just started a new life. It's not about the end result, but the process, so even if YOU are 80 and you want to start a new life, DO IT!

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