David Lynch On Creativity And Meditation


David Lynch on creativity and meditation

David Lynch On Creativity And Meditation

Hello again; YOU are here that means YOU are interested in creativity and meditation, I am so happy you have found this 🙂 Getting in touch with creativity and letting go of the thought that being creative means YOU have to create incredible artwork can be life changing.

Just on a side note; if you practice to get in touch in your inner creativity the result might be great artwork. The difference is that you are not trying hard to do it, but YOU let it happen. Wow, it's the possibility of a new life how wonderful this that! Now….. if YOUR intellect tells YOU, ah, this is all bullshit, YOU have a choice to listen to it, or say: thanks for sharing but I would like to try this…………. I hope you enjoy the presentation as much as I do.

Filmmaker David Lynch is talking about the connection between creativity and transcendental meditation and how this simple practice can change YOUR life, if YOU let it!

You will hear how it changed his life, from a very angry man to a man enjoying his life, his creativity and spreading joy instead of egomania….., a quality filmmakers are famous for. This is such an inspiring video recorded life in Boston. I soaked up every word; everything he said rang a bell, ding dong 🙂

Question from audience: How do you think meditation helps the creative process?

Answer DL: Meditation creates more awareness, which is consciousness. Inside of us we have an ocean of consciousness, meditation will expand this ocean. Scientists call this ocean the unified field. Everything arises from this field, creativity, and bliss, universal love, intelligence. Side effects are; that negativity, anger and depression will start to recede.

Depression is a killer for creative people. With meditation you can grow solutions inspiration, innovative ideas and joy in life. Ideas just flow…………………….

Question from audience: What effect does pure consciousness have on our creative work?

Answer DL: Anxiety lifts, wellbeing and peace improves. Bliss is happiness from within


What do YOU think? Well I love it and I am happy to share that I have experienced this myself. Improved awareness and consciousness will let the creative juices flow. It's a right brain process, you just do it, for example meditate and see what the results are, it’s that easy. Just go with the flow…………………………

Sample of simple 3 minute meditation

I found this wonderful easy to do 3 minute meditation for YOU, created by Deepak Chopra, check it out and do it, if YOU like it please let me know and let others know by leaving a comment or and sharing this post. Meditation is not only important for YOUR well being, it's also important for the well being of our world. If we all take care of ourselves we will have a better world!!!!!!!


















Simple Tips To Find What You Love To Do Part 1

simple tips to find what you love to do

Simple Tips To Find What You Love To Do Part 1

What do you love to do? What a huge question. So many of us are walking around and do not have a clue. If you don't know what your passion is, life can be pretty uninspired, it actually can be a drag. Life without passion and magic is stale and creates unhappy, resentful people.

That's one reason; gambling, shopping, excessive working; drugs and alcohol are so popular, because these substances create the illusion of bliss and fun. The illusion works for a while, but eventually it stops working and then……..   I know I've been there, I went through the illusion and I crashed. I had to do a lot of soul searching and ask the universe: Who and what do you want me to be? It took quite a while of listening but eventually the puzzle pieces came together. People with passions are more content and happier. This is not only good for us but good for our friends, families and the world. Do you agree?

As children we all instinctively know what we love to do, we get blissfully absorbed in the activity of play. But as we grow up and go to school we learn that other things are more important and we get drilled to fit in. Creativity and individuality get lost. The good news is: we all have this creativity inside of us; it just needs to be uncovered from deep inside of us. We have to find the hidden drawer and finally open it. The content of the drawer will be play, creativity, fun and beautiful life energy and we with it find the possibility to create a beautiful fabulous life.

If you would like to find out, start with these simple things.

  • Ask yourself the question: What do I love to do?
  • Simple meditation
  • Keep a journal and write down whatever comes up
  • Make a vision board

I know this sounds very simple, but it's effective. Do it every day and be aware of what comes up. Next week I will have some more tips for you, Have fun! Let's be happy and let's change the world to be a better place, by starting with ourselves. Vision boards are great tools to find our creative muse, if you like check some of the videos below. The meditation video is very helpful. One more fantastic book to read is the artist way by Julia Cameron, it's my bible 🙂

More instructions about:" how to make a vision board" watch the videos below


This custom meditation will help you get into the creative zone


This vision board will help you attract your ideal relationship


How to express your creativity

Simple Tips To Make Your Life Fun – Interview With Dave Buck MCC


make your life fun


Simple Tips To Make Your Life Fun – Interview With Dave Buck MCC

I hope YOU are well and life is fabulous and inspiring.

Today, I am so thrilled to introduce you to my teacher and mentor Dave Buck, CEO of Coachville LLC, Master Certified Coach and founding member of the transformational leadership council.

Coach Dave has changed my life with his wisdom and the concept to bring more of the spirit of play into people's lives. That was one missing element in my life. For whatever reason, I turned everything into a chore.

Even when I liked what I was doing, after a while I lost my joy in it and it turned into an energy drain. At 57 years old I decided to change my career from interior design and real estate to coaching, this not only changed my career but also my behavior and my way of thinking.

Most people told me, oh no way YOU are too old to start a new career, but I think YOU are never too old to start a new life. All we want is to be happy, to live a life that’s interesting, stimulating with meaningful, supportive relationships around us, it's never too late for that!

Find out why and how having a coach can change your life.

Coaching is helpful for people who want to get better at something in their life. Athletes have coaches to get better at their game and the same concept applies to personal coaching.

People hire coaches to

  • Find more joy in life
  • Be more creative,
  • Be more successful in business
  • Have more fulfilling relationships, 
  • Live healthier more balanced lives.

Not only that, it will give you a wonderful support system, someone who believes in YOU.

How does it work for YOU when YOU are left to your own devices?  When YOU listen to the interview you will hear what just happened in a coaching session I had last week, a new insight I got that might improve my life even more.

A coach can help YOU see situations in a new light and help YOU find the answers within yourself. Yes it might sound kind of wowoooo, but that’s how it works.

Ok, I will stop now, enjoy the audio and if it inspired you please leave a comment.

Oh, I almost forgot, if you get inspired by our conversation and would like to try a session. Take advantage of my fabulous offer: A 30 minute exploratory coaching session with me. It's my gift to YOU and it might give YOU some ideas on how to bring more fun into your life. Just click the contact tab and let me know.




click the triangle below to listen 🙂


Lets Do It

Playfulness And Creativity Will Create A Great Life


More Playfulness  And Creativity Will Make A Great Life

 Playfulness  And Creativity Will Create A Great Life

Welcome to another wonderful week and a new chance to do something excitingly creative, even if it’s a simple thing.

It's essential to bring more playfulness and creativity into YOUR life if you want to be more successful and happier. A creative life is being in the flow,  trying new things and living life as a fun adventure. No, it does not mean you have to go on a safari, master an art technique, climb Mount Everest, or go skydiving, unless YOU are attracted to this kind of adventure. It’s more about doing something new, something that excites YOU.

Simple things can work just fune, like an art class, a poetry reading, the museum, a dance class or maybe to learn Italian…… Maybe it’s a book club, a meditation group, or YOU might want to check out a meetup group to connect with people who have the same interest, or maybe YOU always wanted to try a meditation class……….Let YOUR imagination run wild.

I remember being on a flight from Amsterdam to San Francisco and I found a great article in the KLM flight magazine, that totally inspired me. It was about a successful blog with the topic of micro adventures within the local area of Amsterdam. For example bike tours, hiking tours, walking adventures around town or boating on the next lake or river, basically to have a great adventure within 10 miles of the city.

I found it very fascinating and try to incorporate it into my life as much as I can. Sometimes it just requires more presence, to see the adventure in little things. I love to go to the local thermal bath, it’s a beautiful walk through the park. I enjoy the birds, the flowers, the trees and it just makes me happy to absorb everything and I hear myself say: I'm so lucky, my life is great, everything is so beautiful.  

When I’m at the bath, I participate in the aqua gymnastic, swim outside under the trees in this wonderful thermal water and I enjoy the meditation they offer. It’s my adventure and it helps me balance my life. I feel totally nourished and happy.

To bring more creativity and play into a busy life, can be that easy. Sometimes it might be just to change YOUR perspective. Let’s say YOU have a long commute and find yourself complaining about it. Well, there might be nothing YOU can do about the commute, but maybe YOU can change something about how YOU commute, maybe books on tape or some great audios will help you to turn it into a fun cruise.

This might apply to other parts of YOUR life, family, life partner, business, work and friends. Think about a constant complaint that comes up and try if YOU can change something, if not drop the complaint and try to change YOUR perspective into something that’s positive. That's also being creative!

Try this fun exercise: Be aware and catch yourself every time YOU say: I need to work on something, work on the painting, work on the golf game, “work on having fun”. It’s pretty ridiculous to call all fun activities work. Let’s exchange the word “work on” with play on, or have fun with.

I want to have fun with my painting, have fun with cooking, have fun playing golf, have fun doing anything.  Instead of having to go to work, it might be: I will go to play at work, I will playfully connect with people and I will come up with creative solutions to problems.……..Do You feel how it changes the energy? From dreadful to playful?

I love this practice, it has changed my life. If YOU give it a chance, it will change YOURS. This is part of living a creative life. YOU will create a life that works. The more fun YOU have, the more playfulness YOU can bring into YOUR life the happier YOU will be.

Yes I know it sounds simple, but I’ve been practicing this for the last few years and I am happy, exited and I love my life. My life is not perfect, there are problems with people, places and things, but I choose to deal with them in a way that’s creative and empowering.

Empower yourself: Instead of living from vacation to vacation, let’s create a life that we don’t need to escape from, let’s make it fun!

Do YOU have a little, adventure YOU would like to share with us? Please leave a comment below.



You Can’t Use Up Creativity

you can't use up creativity


You Can't Use Up Creativity

The more you use it, the more you have. Are you creative? Sure you are! Creativity does not mean you have to paint like Monet or write like Ernest Hemingway. Creativity shows itself in many ways and it can be simple things like flower arrangements, table arrangements, your garden, taking pictures. Expressing yourself with how you dress, the jewelry you wear, the make up you choose, the way you communicate, it's all creative.

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When You Are Going Through A Hard Time It’s Important To Play

When going through a hrd time it's important to play

When You Are Going Through A Hard Time It's Important To Play

From the book: "Women Who Run With Wolves", by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph. D,

"It is play, no properness, that is the central artery, the core, the brain stem of creative life. The impulse to play is an instinct. No play, no creative life. Be good, no creative life. Sit still, no creative life. Speak, think, act only demurely, little creative juice. Any group, society, institution, or organization that encourages women to revile the eccentric: to be suspicious of the new and unusual: to avoid the fervent, the vital, the innovative; to impersonalize the personal, is asking for a culture of dead women."

I love this book, it is so close to my heart. We cannot be reminded enough how important it is to play. Routine is a killer to our creativity. We all know this, but we still go for routine, no wonder that most women are stressed out, bored and have no energy. Too many things to do, too much work, taking care of others, too much cooking, too much cleaning, too much responsibility. But very little fun, no wonder lots of women start drinking or taking drugs, legal or illegal to just survive.

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What Makes Your Life JUICY

I am so delighted to present my friend and super talented Designer, Artist, Creator: Holly Emrick. We have a lot in common as my background is also Interior Design and Art. We both love to create beautiful things out of nothing, like scraps of cardboard, pieces of paper, shells, plywood pieces, fabric remnants etc.  I hope you enjoy her post as much as I do. In order to be happy we need to nourish our spirit! Let's start now to make our lives juicy!


fall_2011_iphone-300x187Friends, family, travel, adventure, music? Mmmm. For me it’s all about creativity. My name is Holly Emrick and I am an Interior Designer, Teacher, Writer, Artist and Creator. I was born to create and nothing makes me feel as good as when I’m doing it. I am so honored Marita has invited me to do a guest blog. Her passion for sharing is such a blessing for us all!

I’m often asked what inspires me in my design and art. All I can say is that I am a master observer. Every day I am bombarded by colors, textures, scenes…..you name it. It certainly isn’t always visual….rather often a composite of different senses. I might catch a scent on the wind that brings forth a vision. Or discover a taste in a dish that inspires creating a new recipe. I feel we are all surrounded with stimulus that can help us create, in fact; perhaps it is that great wealth of stimulus that stifles people. With so much around you it’s possible to feel it’s already been created….or someone else has done it better. Here’s the thing: No one can create or give forth unto the world what you do. Period. And it isn’t all about cooking or painting or taking an amazing photograph. It is as simple as turning right someday where you previously always turned left. It is “allowing” something to come to you instead of chasing after it. It is making a conscious decision to be open and discover.

So I say, step out, hold no preconceived notion about what you can or can’t “do” and release yourself onto a piece of paper…or on the chopping block. Just let go and see what presents itself. It’s fun. It’s magic and it’s your gift back to your creator!

Holly Emrick  works as an Interior Designer and Artist in The Rocky Mountain Region. She has been involved in design and art for over 20 years. Last year she debuted her new website http://www.greenhomedesignsource.com in order to share fun and inspiring ways to green your décor and live sustainably. Her newest dive into design and play can be found at http://www.greenyourselfsilly.com a membership site centered around living your best green life with tips on everything from design to desert.

I love Holly's site she has wonderful tips on design and art projects. If you need design advice, or some inspiration you will find it there.

Do you have a story you would like to share? I am looking for women over 40 who changed their lives and finally allowed themselves to do do what they love to do, or a good vision board story. Click here for more information.

Women_cropped-300x206"Nourish your spirit" is the motto. How to find joy and fulfillment in life.Click the blue link, or the image to join our community of women at Creative Life Now, my new membership site. Are you looking for creative community, ideas, tips, motivation and inspiration, how to find joy and fulfillment in life? Let's support each other and share ideas. A melting pot of experts and women seeking expert advice.

Never Give Up

Well done, I am sometimes in a funk and life looks bleak, it is wonderful to be reminded that it is ok, breathe through the challenges and it will turn around. It always does.

We all have good times, where we are inspired, feel creative and all is well. At other times, we might feel stuck, uninspired and not very creative with our lives. It is so good to be reminded  that everything is changing all the time and that we can make a difference, in our lives and the people around us, by being grateful and positive. The good news is that it can be learned, it is a habit to default to negative thinking and we can learn the habit to go into positive thinking. Let's start. What do you think, do you want to try, please leave your comment below.