Be Creative And Empower Your Life – Make a Vision Board

Be Creative And Empower Your Life  Make a Vision Board

Be Creative And Empower Your Life – Make a Vision Board

Hi, Marita here, I hope YOU are well and will find a little bit of inspiration, or a glimpse of hope in this post. Today I want to share one of my favorite tools with YOU, the process of making a vision board. I have to admit, I am a vision board junkie once I start I cannot stop. But what the heck, to get lost in creativity is a good thing and it's healthy, better than to get lost in drama, resentments, drugs or alcohol………. I know, I've been there 🙂

I just completed a whole wall in my new apartment in Germany. All my beautiful art is in boxes in California, so my designer friend had the splendit idea to transform some walls into vision walls. MY first wall is about 10 feet long by 5 feet tall. I look at it and it makes me laugh, I look at the paint brush loaded with paint and I want to paint……. I look at all the wonderful people and it  inspires the wish to organize a community of like minded people. The wish brews to help transform peoples lives, by inpiring hope and possibility that DREAMS are not frivolous, but are our birthright.

Three questions to ask yourself before YOU start.

  • Where am I
  • Where do I want to be
  • What do I need to do

A vision board is a roadmap to your dreams, to help YOU find out what YOU would love to do and get in touch with YOUR life purpose.  The great news is that YOU have the answer inside of YOU…. the bad new is: it's not obvious, but hidden inside the subconscious mind. Please don't despair, because a vision board is a magical tool that can help YOU to get access to the unconscious and will find the answers and motivation to keep YOU focused on YOUR dreams and goals.

Do I hear YOU say: this is too simple it cannot work for me, my life is complicated? I know, I had the same thought in my head. Accept the voice, but let it know that you want to try it anyway, While working and training in the field of human potential and spirituality, I learned to not listen to the "dreambuster" in my head, but to be willing to do it anyway. I actually would say that this has been the highest achievement over the last 10 years of transformation: to be open, to believe in possibility and to do it anyway.

To be creative, is to be in YOUR element, to be in your zone of joy and contentment, to express the gift you came into this world for. It's a happy place to be. Can you imagine to be able to enjoy this state of being and to empower your life at the same time? Make a vision board it's empowering, it's very creative and it's fun! Vision boards are collages with intentions, they can be simple and they can get very artistic and elaborate. A hand drawn creation can be just as effective as the more complicated, layered collages.

What matters is the intentions YOU have and how meaningful these intentions are in YOUR life and for others. If YOU have an intention of becoming a millionaire, that's fine, but it might not really inspire YOU to do the steps required and your subconscious mind might not be motivated enough to spring into action to help get YOU there. The key is: YOU need to be inspired to get your subconscious mind into action!

So make it juicy, be inspired about something worthwhile. YOU do not have to save the world, but try and find something that inspires positive change, maybe in YOUR circle of friends, or neighborhood. Let YOUR heart speak and bring love to the world, might just be enough already!

What you need to make a vision board

  • Glue sticks or yes paste
  • Scissors
  • Posterboard
  • Your choice of magazines
  • Printed images (optional)
  • Patience
  • Trust
  • Willingness

How to make a vision board

  • Start with a 5 minute meditation
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Tear out the images that inspire you
  • Start attaching the images onto the board
  • Finish with inspiring words

What To do With a Vision Board

  • Hang the vision board where you can see it
  • Look at it as much as you can
  • Feel the images
  • Believe that you can achieve your dreams

By Making a vision board YOU take inspired action, it's a tool to "create your life your way". Let me know how it's going 🙂

Please enjoy my custom meditation to get YOU into the creative zone. The meditation is lead by my healer friend Marcela Manesis.


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26 thoughts on “Be Creative And Empower Your Life – Make a Vision Board”

  1. Great job!  I created a vision board years ago, and was actually surprised I had what I created!  That included a home in the coutnry, 2 more books authored, and a thriving coaching business!  I think I'll do it again!!  thanks! P

    1. yes, try and make one, you will not regret it. It’s such a fun creative project and it’s fun to look at and the results are amazing. My last one had coaching with Dave Buck on it, guess who is my coach now?

  2. Where do you put your vision board after you finish creating it? That is just as important! You have to see it and DREAM on it for a duration to make it everlasting too! Love this topic.

    1. Cheryl, sorry about the late reply. Put it in a place where you see it as much as you can. In your office close to your computer, across from the sofa. You can also take a photo of it and have it on your computeras a wallpaper, or a small version in your wallet. Be creative, make it visible. Good luck!

  3. Great stuff Marita. I also use vision boards. I find the bit where people go wrong is they make their vision board and stick it up somewhere to look at and then think "job done." You need to look at your vision board daily and take the time to evoke the feelings associated with those images and words. Only then will you raise your awareness, attract what you want and build a burning desire to go out and do what it takes to make things happen.

    Have an amazing day Marita.

    1. That's a great point Clive, where people miss it. They do not look at it as much as possible, or they do not have good feelings when they look at it.

  4. Yes!! Vision Boards are so fun to make and such a potent tool for transformation and manefesting what you want. I never new about them until Marita did a vision board project with me. She is a wonderful person with many life enhancing gifts and tools. It is great that she is here sharing them with us!!! Thank you Marita

    1. Thank you Schehera, that was a fun afternoon, sitting around Terry’s farmtable and creating together. I hope that your desire to create more space will be manifested soon.

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