Change Your Creative Habits in 3 tiny Steps

Marita here, as you all know I like to research and present you with interesting practical tips, that might just change your life. I found this program by BJ Fogg, PhD Director, Persuasive Tech Lab Stanford University. The best is: his program “3 Tiny Habits” is free. I will sign up myself, it’s never too…

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What Makes Your Life JUICY

I am so delighted to present my friend and super talented Designer, Artist, Creator: Holly Emrick. We have a lot in common as my background is also Interior Design and Art. We both love to create beautiful things out of nothing, like scraps of cardboard, pieces of paper, shells, plywood pieces, fabric remnants etc.  I…

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Never Give Up

Well done, I am sometimes in a funk and life looks bleak, it is wonderful to be reminded that it is ok, breathe through the challenges and it will turn around. It always does. We all have good times, where we are inspired, feel creative and all is well. At other times, we might feel…

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