How to Create a Simple Video for your Business

How to Create a Simple Video for your Business

How to Create a Simple Video for your Business

How are YOU? It’s fall in Germany, the leaves are almost off the trees, it’s cold outside, the ground is covered with golden foliage and wet. What a good time to be greatful for having a warm home, a nice cup of tea and a cozy place to sit and work….ah life is good.

I am writing to you from this place of gratitude, with a view of my vision board and I thought you might be interested in ways to be more creative, self expressed and have fun creating more visibility for your business.

As a business coach I mingle with entrepreneurs like YOU, who would like to create more visibility for their business. One fun way is to create videos to post on youtube, but somehow it does not always happen 🙂


  • Techno-fear,
  • Fear of visibility
  • Fear to make a fool of yourself
  • Fear of not doing it right, also called PERFECTIONISM…..and on it goes 

The common denominator is FEAR….. fear can be overcome… but that’s another blogpost: In this post I will help you to overcome only the techno-fear. So if you would like to create a simple video about your services or products and post it on youtube, this might help you do it.

Just a little story to start….when I began learning about online business and marketing strategies, my mentors suggested to create videos…

Needless to say I was scared… I suffered from “techno-phobia” and at that time…. I did not even know how to cut and paste…… yes indeed it was that bad.

That was about 5 years ago. When my mentor suggested videos I thought: impossible……I don’t know how to do it, I can’t, I never will…….. I’m not doing it.

But eventually I was willing to try new things and be uncomfortable……I started creating a simple video by using a series of images with motivating quotes in between and added music to finish up.

The software I used is called Animoto, it’s a simple program with a basic, free version.They offer different templates, you just have to add the images, the words and some of their music to make it professional. Voila….done and with having lot’s of fun 🙂

My dad actually helped me to do this….The next step is to create an account on youtube upload the video, done. You just created a simple video and posted it on youtube, congratulations!!!

Next you can experiment with creating a simple video presentation. Talk about something that is relevant to your  business, or interview someone. For example, in my case: I created videos about vision boards and subjects that might be interesting and helpful to entrepreneurs.

What you need is:

  1. Simple tripod, If you use an Iphone you need a tripod attachment for Iphone (google it)

  2. Camera ( I use my Iphone or a minoHD camera

  3. A simple editing software (moviemaker for PC, Imovie for Mac)

  4. Something interesting to talk about

  5. YouTube account

How to create a simple video

  1. Set up a place with a good background, from where you present something

  2. Set up the tripod, to capture you well

  3. Make sure the light is good

  4. Start talking and record

  5. Load the video onto your computer

  6. Edit

  7. Upload to youtube

  8. Give it a good title and write a description, use keywords, if you have a website or squeezepage add the URL

  9. Embed on your website

  10. Share on social media

Here some more details: Prepare it a little bit…..start by writing bulletpoints on a posterboad to remember what you want to talk about, otherwise you might end up rambling… yes it happens. Another idea is to write down the seperate scenes on post its…… yeah, kind of like a simplified screenplay.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember a long talk, so what you can do is: take short sections of video and then cut them together. Also when you record yourself, you have to cut out the parts, from pushing the record button to taking your position, which is easy to edit out.

Moviemaker provides themes which will make the cuts look professional and it can be a lot of fun to experiment. Movie maker is really easy to use. If you need help find some tutorials on youtube……if I can do it anybody can 🙂

Oh…one more thing that will give you a more professional look is: you can go to fiverr and order an “intro/extro” which you can add to the beginning and the end. They offer a variety of music and animations.

The service provider will want your logo and or business name. It’s a lot of fun and everything on fiverr costs only $5…. it’s ok to experiment, just allow yourself to play 🙂

Now try it… creative and have fun!!!!! I posted some of my videos, to give you an idea how simple it is. Did this help YOU? If you have anything to add or questions to ask, please post it in the comment box. I love to read them.

and pssst: Do you need more help? I would like to give YOU the gift of one free session. Just let me know.


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