There Is No Program That Will Do It For You

There is no program that will do it for you

Are YOU like me and you tried many programs and seminars just to wonder why the hell nothing is working? The sad truth is that all the programs in the world will not help you achieve your life dreams, or whatever you expected from it. I am not saying that it is a waste of time, seminars and programs are still my favorite thing to do, but now I see it as kind of a vacation and a great place to get inspired and meet likeminded folks.

When I started to be interested in human potential and spirituality, I wanted to believe that if I just take one more program, I would get it, but I did not. For many years I went from one seminar to the next success seminar and expected that one day I would get the answer to my problems and my dream life would just appear in front me and I would live happily ever after. Well, unfortunately it did not work, can you relate?

Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of fun, met wonderful people and learned a lot of great material, but the big change did not happen this way.

 So what can be done? I experienced that I need to do the work of exploring myself, recognizing the patterns that served me as a child, but not as an adult and practice new behavior. Success and transformation are an accumulation of things and if we are left to our own devices, most of us will miserably fail.

What will help with time is:

  • Build self confidence
  • Learn to listen to your intuition
  • Trust that you can achieve what you want to do,
  • Establish new beliefs
  • Build up courage to do the required action steps.

This process takes time, it’s like training new muscles or learning to play the piano, it takes practice; the more you practice the better the results will be.

  • One easy way to build confidence is to take good care of yourself and to nourish yourself. Listen to what you need and do something you totally enjoy. This should be part of your daily schedule. Make sure you have people around you that love and accept you, if you do not have them in your immediate environment, participate in some groups that are of interest to you and find them, this is crucial!


  • Intuition is very important and we all have this “inner voice”. The key will be to know the difference between your intuition and self-will. I myself had no clue a few years ago, but I practiced it. Meditation is a great tool, even if it is just a few minutes a day; it will help to build the required awareness. I also got some great tips from Sonia Choquette and Laura Day has a great book: “Practical intuition” with practical exercises to strengthen this skill.


  • Trust is another skill that can be strengthened by practicing the first 3 items. The more confidence you gain, the more intuitive you get, and the more you will trust. You will trust yourself and you will trust the universe. Sometimes when I’m in my stuff (cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel) and it’s hard to trust; I watch Esther Hicks and Abraham on YouTube that always brings me back to trust.

Most of us grow up with believes that do not serve us anymore and the only way to happiness and success is to create new ones. The most effective way to do that is to work with a coach who is trained in deep coaching.

A coach will help you bring awareness to old believes and establish new patterns. They are also called “neural pathways.” It’s like building a new road, when the old one is too small and full of potholes J

A coach will help you be aware of behavior, believes and thoughts, which are not working anymore. These are called blind spots and it’s their job to keep us stuck and safe. Yes I agree it sound crazy but that’s the truth about us human beings, it still amazes me.

A coach is there to help you own your value and your strength and to support YOU to achieve your dreams and goals. As soon as you desire to make a leap into “new waters”, your system normally revolts and screams, now way, don’t do it, let’s keep everything the way it is.  That’s when support is very valuable J

I love the quote by Albert Einstein:

Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

empowerment quote

And this one from T Harv Eker:

If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you've always got

Empowerment Quote

Now have fun practicing and if you would like to explore coaching with me, I offer one 30 minute one on one session, it’s my gift to you. Nothing to lose only on new experience to gain.

If you like it and you want to sign up for more sessions; Great! If you do not think it’s for you, that’s great too.

And before I forget, if you like this post, or you have something to add, please leave a comment. I love to read them and it’s proof that I am not talking to myself. 🙂

3 thoughts on “There Is No Program That Will Do It For You”

  1. It’s true, change is an ongoing moment by moment thing. It’s easy to go to a seminar or a workshop and feel inspired and feel great, but then all the stuff , the patterns of behavior just kicks in and all the same feelings continue. It can feel like an endless battle. But for me I’ve come to except that maybe its not so much the end result I’m after,but rather, as many totally present moments leading me to a more actively engaged life. The process is the journey, and the journey is our life, so engaging moment to moment awake and aware can bring about huge changes.Being coached has helped me see patterns and recognize the voices that try and keep me stuck. Having a coach is like having a support thats on your team and really there to help you succeed! My coach keeps my head clear and keeps me moving forward in a pro active supportive way by helping me see the patterns of behavior I’ve accumulated over the years that maybe no longer serve me, and even keep me bound up, making it difficult to experience happiness and success. I would highly recommend for anyone to try this work out- even if you are cruising through life just fine!

  2. Hi Marita,

    wonderful blog –  totally agree !!

    Tooooooooo bad there isn't such a programm. I wish to have a programm that brings my enthusiasm about my awesome smoveys automatically to my website 🙂  😉  🙂

    Love your website and love your work.

    Best wishes to you.


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