Visualisation Exercises

how to visualize

Visualization Exercises

Do you have a problem with visualization?

Don't know how to visualize?

No problem, I found some easy to do visualization exercises for YOU.

It's interesting how many people have a hard time with visualization. "Our intellect tends to complicate everything." It can be the most simple thing and our mind makes it complicated, can you relate? ðŸ™‚

Visualization is an intuitive process and not very logical. You just do it and by practicing the principles you will get more comfortable with the process. The most important step is: leave logic out of it and just do it! Some people see very clearly and some do not, I sure don't, but I have strong feelings. I imagine I see things and that works too.

Visualization is important if you want to achieve your life dreams and life goals. It will help you to create the life of YOUR dreams.

I found this article by Brian Tracy, "The Master of Efficiency" very helpful, especially for  people who need more instructions and answers.

Visualization Exercises in 4 Easy Steps

How Often?

The first aspect of visualization is frequency. This is the number of times that you visualize yourself performing in an excellent way, in a particular event or circumstance, to achieve a particular goal. The more frequently you repeat a clear mental picture of your very best performance or result, the more rapidly it will appear as part of your reality.

How Long?

The second element of visualization is the duration of the mental image, the length of time that you can hold the picture in your mind each time you replay it. When you deeply relax, you can often hold a mental picture of yourself performing at your best for several seconds, and even several minutes. The longer you can hold your mental picture, the more deeply it will be impressed into your subconscious mind and the more rapidly it will express itself in your subsequent performance.

How Clearly?

The third element of visualization is vividness. There is a direct relationship between how clearly you can see your desired goal or result in your mind and how quickly it comes into your reality. This element of visualization is what explains the powers of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Correspondence. The vividness of your desire directly determines how quickly it materializes in the world around you.
 Here is an interesting point: When you set a new goal for yourself, your image or picture of this goal will usually be vague and fuzzy. But the more often you write it, review it, and repeat it mentally, the clearer it becomes for you. Eventually, it will become crystal clear. At that point, the goal will suddenly appear in your world exactly as you imagined it.

How Intensely?

The fourth element of visualization is intensity, the amount of emotion that you attach to your visual image. In reality, this is the most important and powerful part of the visualization process. Sometimes, if your emotion is intense enough and your visual image is clear enough, you will immediately achieve it.

Of course, the elements of frequency, duration, vividness, and intensity can help you or hurt you. Like nature, the power of visualization is neutral. Like a two-edged sword, it can cut in either direction. It can either make you a success or make you a failure. Visualization brings you whatever you vividly and intensely imagine, whether good or bad.

Action Exercise

Continually feed your mind with clear, exciting, emotional pictures. Remember, your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions. Learn how to accomplish all of your goals here.

Great advice and great tips, thank you Brian.

Visualization and goal settings are 2 of the most important ingredients in order to create success. It's also very helpful to create a vision board, it will help you with the visualization process. Keep in mind that the more you practice, the easier and more effective it gets. The only way to mess it up is by not doing it, so get started NOW.

Do you have any other visualization techiques? Please share them with us and leave a comment 🙂

25 thoughts on “Visualisation Exercises”

  1. I love Brian Tracy! I think a great way to get to our goals is to visualize them. I don't have any tips to share, but I definitely like his. If we can't imagine where we want to go, how are we going to ever get there?? Great post!


  2. This is a great post, and I, too, love Brian Tracy! I can't say that I've done this on a regular basis until about eight months ago. I work in a fast paced industry and wasn't giving myself the time I needed to take care of me. After taking some time off and making several adjustments, I'm finally at a place where I put myself first…afterall, where will I go without me!

    1. He is one of my “mentors”. Great that you are listening to your body and spirit and giove it a rest. If we don’t we burn a fuse!

  3. I had the most bizarre experience lately with visualization — having a difficult time imagining, as real, the abundance I wanted to bring into my life. And then I remembered a photo I have used before. It shows a beleaguered woman about to be crushed by a mountain of paper behind her. For some reason, I was able to take what was essentially a negative image and reimagine it with a smiling me surrounded by a mountain of money. Amazingly, it worked. 

    1. Often, when people find it difficult to "visualize" something, doing exactly what you did makes all the difference! Take the negative and turn it into what you WOULD like it to be instead!  It is amazing!

    2. Whohoooo, I love it. I am in the process of creating huge vision boards in my space, reminding me of my dreams. There will be no escape for my poor me to hide from success 🙂

  4. This is one of the many reasons I do yoga. It is incredible how much it helps me with visualization for both my personal and professional lives. Thanks for sharing Marita.

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