When You Feel All Over the Place

What to do when you feel all over the Place.


What to do when you feel all over the Place.

Hmmmm, what does it feel like to be all over the place? Doing too many things at the same time, getting distracted, starting one thing and continuing with another? What is it for you? Another name for it is: scattered, or multitasking. If you have experienced this too in your life, you probably find it very annoying. That´s how I feel about it. In this blogpost I would love to share a few tools that help me.

A good place to start is to feel this sensation of “feeling all over the place”.

  • What´s going on in your body?
  • Where do you feel this sensation?
  • What does it feel like?

For example: I feel pressure in my solar plexus and my head hurts, from too many thoughts racing at me at the same time. I feel bombarded with images and fragments of thoughts. My heart starts racing, my breathing gets shallow….. ·       

By just feeling the energy I become calmer and after a few minutes I hear a little voice, saying:

  •  Make a list of things to do.
  •  Take a few deep breaths.
  • Start with the most important thing on the list and do it.        .

After a few minutes, peace sets in and I say to myself: ok that sounds good, I can do this. My notebook is here and I write down a few things that I would like to accomplish today.

But then the crazy thing happens: I start with one thing, for example, I want to write a blogpost: All is well, I go to my WordPress dashboard… there is a comment, ok I say to myself, I would like to post an answer the comment.

Someone has a question about an opt-in, which prompts me to check my E-mail list. Doing that I find out that 5 people who signed up for the list did not confirm their mail. Now I think, I better E- mail the new subscribers and explain what they need to do.

That takes another 15 minutes. Then I think, oh I wanted to get some visionboard success stories from participants and believe it or not… I start sending some E-mails with my idea…. When I´m done, I remember that I promised someone to write a testimonial and of course I do that….

Yes it sounds very funny but… in the mean time I remember that my first thing on the list was: to write a blogpost. Success, I have the title already, but not much more. Now I need to forgive myself and go back to my blogpost  🙂

Does this happen to you?

I realize that I do not have the answer to “being all over the place”, but one thing I can say. Write down what´s important, train yourself to look at the list, come back to the list and be persistent.

Proof that it works: I wrote my blogpost to the end and had a lot of fun doing it. Sometimes I had to stop and laugh about my “craziness”. The most important thing to do: Establish a good practice in mindfulness. This will help you to be more aware of your inner dialog.

That´s the real practice and it will change your life. How can you do this?

  • ·        Daily meditation
  • ·        Watch your thoughts and actions
  • ·        Be patient with yourself
  • ·        Have a good laugh when you mess up and try again.

Now… this is not very scientific but sometimes it helps to just recognize yourself in the struggle of others. I´m a coach and I can help people best with the things I´m struggling with myself.

My coach always says: You can only take others, where you are willing to go yourself. That´s my mantra…I Hope you had fun reading this and before I forget. Please leave a comment, if you have your own “all over the place story”.

                                                                                      Love Marita