Over Sixty, Single and Happy

Over Sixty, Single and Happy


Hi my lovely friend…in this picture I´m cruising through Amsterdam…That was last year, right now I spend some time with a friend who is constantly searching for the perfect mate and it inspired me to write this article. If you are sixty and single, this might be of interest to you… It´s a bit controversial, because the outside world, media and so on suggest that… It´s not good to be sixty, single and happy.


The more you do the things you love to do….the more the things you love will come to you


That´s my favorite quote and I´m happy to say…at the age of almost 62, I have been single for 10 years and know that it´s possible to be sixty, single and happy. In this article I would like to share my experiences and insights with you. My desire is, to make sure that older women who don´t have a partner feel at ease with the situation and maybe even learn to enjoy single life, one step at a time.



                                     Marita being playful…taking pictures of my foot

walking with fun


Let me start with a little bit of personal history: I was married for 30 years and not very happy. Most of my role models, for example: parents, other family members and friends lived in the same kind of dysfunctional relationships, so I accepted this way of relating as NORMAL. (I´s actually a long, long story, but I don´t want to go into details right now)


Somehow, when my kids were teenagers, things got worse. Eventually the thought popped up: Marita you will die if you don´t get out of this… Needless to say it took me years to listen to this insight, but eventually I had to leave my marriage.


The fear of being alone was terrifying, but I pulled through. Not only had I left my husband, but also my identity as a wife, my familiar family life and some friends. I´m sure that some of you know the story 🙂


Yeah… some people don´t like it when the boat of familiarity is rocked and someone dares to try a new path… I now understand that it´s a good practice to let go of things, people and even illusions, in order to grow.  That was 10 years ago, in the meantime I learned to live by myself, to enjoy my own company and to love life.


Now it´s hard to give that up and why should I? Some friends try their matchmaking skills on me and don´t understand that I´m not interested. But that´s ok, because I learned to listen to my intuition and to live my life the way I like it.


The only time it gets unpleasant, is when I´m in an environment with many couples, So…what I do is to avoid situations like this. Sometimes I go but limit my time… that works too. Moments of longing do come up and a wish for romance…but I know that if the universe wants me to be in a relationship it will send someone my way. I don´t really care if that happens and in the meantime my life is filled with nurturing activities, friends and all the things I love to do.

I would like to recommend this  program to help you flourish by Christiane Northrup



                                         messing with color, creating crazy spirit art

crazy spirit art


I love 5rythm dancing, I love meditative painting and creating collages, I love doing my visionboard workshops, I love to study human design, I love coaching and I love to eat healthy food and exercise. I love to be crazy and express myself in colorful ways. I love to walk and take pictures of my foot, while I´m walking. I love to ride my bicycle and go on little trips in the countryside. I love to share my findings and inspire people, with my stories. I love to take classes and learn new things and I am eternally curious.

visionboard workshop…so much fun!

visionboard workshop


While in a relationship, I did not do many things that made me happy, I wanted my partner to provide the happiness and fulfillment for me. That did not work…. please do not try it!!

Happiness is something we need to create ourselves. I know it works, I learned how to do it. Try it and change your life!

Maybe you find yourself in a situation where you want to change something.

  • Are you scared?
  • Are you confused?
  • Do you need help?

What do you love to do?


I love to dance 5 Rythms…It´s my moving meditation and it´s fun