How to Have More Fun in Business

how to have more fun in business

How to Have More Fun in Business

How are you? The picture above is me in my former design-business. It looks like I need to learn how to have more fun in business 🙂

Today I would like to share a few thoughts about this subject. I admit that I suffer from taking everthing too serious myself and these simple strategies help me very much.

If you can answer the 2 question below with a yes, this post will help you to bring more playfulness and fun into your life.

  • Do you sometimes feel that everything you do for your business is a “drag”?
  • Do you catch yourself complaining, that life and business are too serious?

Have you noticed yourself say: I have to work on my game, I have to work on my fitness, I have to work on my drawing, I have to work on my hobbies…….it´s always: I have to work on……


Now… how can you have more fun in business and in life?

This is what I experience: if I change my attitude and bring more playfulness into work and life, I feel a lot happier and less resistant to what I do. I actually enjoy my business tasks a lot more.

Below is a sample of what I sense in my body, after saying certain things.

  • When I say I have to: I notice heaviness, dread and I immediately resistance to the action.
  • When I say I would like to: I feel light and neutral about it and no resistance comes up.

Resistance is the key factor in feeling bad or good about something…Pema Chodron, one of my favourite authors said:

When the resistance is gone, so are the demons


Start by changing your words:

  • I would like to spend more time doing this,
  • I enjoy….
  • I allow myself…

If you cannot change your work, partner, life situation, business, politics, right now, whatever it is that you don´t like, or have control over. There is one thing you can do, that will make you feel happier, more peaceful and powerful. You can always change your attitude.

Instead of complaining, you can talk about it in in a more playful, positive way. This simple action, will help you feel happier and lighter right away. Yes it´s actually a very simple, life changing strategy that you can implement right now. YES…YOU TOO 🙂

How can you be more playful at work?

  • Don´t complain
  • Use positive words when you talk about your chores.
  • Be aware of how and what you think, say and how it makes you feel
  • Try to do new things
  • Change the routine
  • Try to do things in a different way
  • Smile more

Just experiment with this "new way of being and doing" for few days and notice the difference. Please remember that it takes practice and patience to implement new behaviour and please… be gentle with yourself.

A simple meditation routine can help you to improve your awareness. click the link below for a simple meditation

Mindfulness at work by Jon Kabat-Zinn

If you have more tips, or feedback please leave a comment below, I always love to read them.