How To Make A Goal Board For Your Business

How to make a goal board for your business

How To Make A Goal Board For Your Business

What's the difference between a goal board and a vision board?

A goal board is similar to a vision board or a dream board, but more specific. A vision board is more about your personal life, see below.

  • New love
  • New career,
  • Better health
  • Balance,
  • Money,
  • Travel and so on

Either way, vision boards and goal boards are effective tools to empower your life. A goal board is more about how to achieve your business goals and intentions. Let's say you work in Real Estate: you would make a list of goals, you would like to achieve. This will be the same for any business.

You will want to attract clients and make a certain amount of money. The other goal might be how you want your clients to be and how you want the work conditions to be. Good communications with clients, work with ease, smooth transactions, inspiring projects. Think about it and be specific:

The rule is: "If you don't know where you're going, you won't get there".

◾Attract 4 new clients per month
◾Close 10 transactions per year
◾Earn 100,000 dollar in commissions


◾Do regular, strategic postings on social media
◾Add one more networking event
◾Learn something new and inspiring


These are specific, it's almost like a business plan, but it's created in visuals. You can use people in magazines to represent clients. If you want to make it more personal you can use pictures of real clients or the clients you would like to represent.  Use images of homes with sold signs (print them out yourself) to represent closed transactions. If you work in a team or you want to work with certain people, get images of them and add them to the board.

Get a wonderful picture of yourself for the center, the happier and more successful you look the better. Write "Top Producer" over an image of yourself! The key is to get inspired when you look at the finished board and for your subconscious to get motivated to do whatever "it" can to make things happen. The universe will manifest these goals and dreams. That's the magical part and you do not have to know how to do it, you just have to show up, bleieve in yourself and do the required actions. 

Don't believe it works?  Well just try it there is nothing to loose.


How To make the goal board:

Materials and supplies:

  • Posterboard, 22" by 28"
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Marker


Find words to state your goals, if you can't find them in magazines, type them up in a big font,  the color of your choice and print them out.

  • To represent networking, find a group you like online and print out some images and information about it, it could be meetup, BNI, real estate networking groups, toastmasters, mastermindgroups, or whatever works for you. The words could be: I always meet interesting people at networking events and lots of them lead to new clients.
  • For social media you can print out the logo for facebook, twitter, or linkedin. The words below or over the images could be: I love to post interesting, valuable information for my clients.
  • Find some great magazines, business publication, real estate publications, money, some other magazines and start browsing through. Whenever you see something that represents your goals and intentions in a way that makes your juices flow, rip it out and put them into a pile.

This process might take a while, you might do it over a period of days. The next step will  be to start laying the images onto the board. You can use a layered style, with background images covering up the whole poster board, or you can let some of the poster board show, or you can do use rectangular pages. There are no rules, so do what you  like. I posted a link to some of my boards at the end of the post.

Next step will be to add the smaller cut out images and last will be the words. When you are satisfied with the layout you can take a picture of it, to remind you where the pieces were. Now you take all the clippings off and start to glue down the bottom layers, then the second layer and last the final layer.

I takes a little bit of time and patience but the results can be stunning. It might turn into a wonderful cherished piece of wall art for your office and it will be a constant reminder of your goals and intentions. Have fun with it!

How To Make A Vision Board For Your Business

Easy Vision Board Meditation


If you have any questions let me know and be so kind and leave a comment at the end.

10 thoughts on “How To Make A Goal Board For Your Business”

  1. Nice, Marita. I like your board. And we can never hear this too often: "If you don't know where you're going, you won't get there".

  2. I need to revamp my vision board. I have a corkboard where I cut out pictures and pinned them up, but I'd really like to narrow it down to more than just material things. Thank you for the great ideas!

  3. I love the idea of a goal board, Marita. And Heather, I love the idea of using cork board. That way you can shift things around as needed. Good post. We all need to focus and take actions that lead us to our goals.

  4. Wow!  Really enjoyed how clearly you defined the boards. The difference between vision and goals!  Great job! P

  5. I always make vision boards of one sort or another and for my goal board, I use one of my Pinterest Secret Boards.  That way I can refer to it from several different places. 

    This year, I used an Origami Owl locket as my vision board so I can keep it close to me.

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