Business/Life Coaching

Business/Life  Coaching

Please check the Testimonials at the end of this page.

Our coaching sessions are designed to help YOU find your life purpose, to support YOU in reaching your desired goals and dreams and to help YOU overcome challenges as they appear. Coaching is about YOU… my job is to support YOU to live your life purpose. Below are some questions I will ask YOU.

  • What do YOU really, really want to do?
  • Why do YOU want to do it?
  • Where are YOU now?

Once this is established we will find out…..


  • What skills Do YOU need to achieve YOUR goals
  • Which actionsteps to set up
  • What's in the way
  • Which tools to use to support you along the way

Coaching sessions are at your own pace and last for 60 minutes. This is Your chance to ask the most pressing questions about your life and career. A wonderful benefit of working with a coach is that a coach will personally accompany YOU through difficulties, help YOU to set up simple actionsteps and help YOU course correct as needed…..There is nothing worse than to be left alone with YOUR mind.

Additionally, as an added bonus, you will have access to these special bonuses:

  • How to Transform Your Life With A Vision Board (my Ebook)
  • Custom Vision Board Meditation
  • and more

Cost: $95/per single Session

Bulk Session Coaching

Cost: $800/10 Sessions

Are YOU ready for a great new life, but need EXTRA support reaching your dreams, desires, and goals in YOUR business and your life?

Bulk rate sessions are available for those who are serious about creating change in their lives.  Bulk session coaching clients go through a curriculum that takes YOU from start to finish through a plan specifically catered to YOUR needs.  Each session allows YOU the opportunity to have a deep client centered conversation. Coaching sessions are at your own pace and for 1 full hour. This is your chance to ask the most pressing questions for where you may be stuck and to map out a plan and support system to help YOU achieve the desired results. In addition YOU will still have access to special bonuses, now let the fun begin 🙂

10 sessions will give you life changing results.

How to find out if this is for YOU, with no strings attached!

Experience a 2 hour deep coaching session……… my gift to YOU!

I normally do it in 2 parts, which is more effective, check the video for details and if you would like to go for it click the contact tab, fill your information and I will send you an e mail to set up our first session. It's simple!

Please scroll down to see testimonials 🙂




Testimonials:                                Thank you for your Testimonials, I love you all 🙂

Coaching with Marita is always a lot of fun since she brings a joyful caring and judgment free spirit to our sessions. She has helped me to see new aspects of things and become more aware.

The epic moment for me was when I wanted to tap in to my creativity and playfulness, but felt blank. As soon as I tried to come up with useful

affirmations. Marita started to give me suggestions in a very playful way, just playing with words, sometimes saying things like…. I would like to find something with xxx, a word that might be important in the situation. Playing by herself, not pushing me to play with her? Actually I think she just showed me how, without saying so. All off a sudden I realized I had joined the game and noticed that I could do the same thing as her. It felt as if she helped me unlock a room inside me, allowing me to start using an ability that I haven’t used for a long time.

Maria Swensson

IT Professional





"I've been pretty successful in life with great relationships, good health and financial freedom by age 50. But there was still something missing. So when I had the opportunity to receive coaching from Marita I leapt at the chance.You see, in order to be successful, I was pretty results-driven. And – as the saying goes – all work and no play was making Jim a pretty un-fun fellow.

Marita helped me see that getting results and having fun did not have to be mutually exclusive activities. Through her insightful coaching, I now have a lot more fun every day and my wife and friends tell me I'm a lot more fun to be around.

Thanks Marita!

Jim Oldfield, Scientist

Oshawa, Canada


Hi…. My name is Holly Emrick and I am interior architect / designer / artist /mother.

Being more of a right brainer than left I have always found it challenging to organize and stay focused on a day to day basis. Life these days is overflowing with schedules, appointments, calls, study and on and on. Thankfully I have had the good fortune of working with coach Marita this past year. I can't begin to tell you the light this woman can shed on your world…not only personally but professionally!

She has an uncanny ability to cut through the clutter and bring clarity to the most challenging problems. Marita carefully assessed my situation and provided clear, concise steps to solidifying my goals. More importantly she has infused my spirit with the sense of play and reminded me that the joy is in the doing and doing is the joy! I am so thankful to have found this fabulous coach and mentor and I recommend her highly to anyone who needs a "gentle kick in the butt!"

Holly Emrick

Interior Designer

Dillon, Colorado


Coaching with with Marita has been a great and positive experience.

I believe in the value of coaching, I first took advantage of it after completion of high school, first to get help with choosing the right career and a few years later again when I completed my college degree to go into a masters program.

I am thrilled and satisfied with Marita's coaching, first we focused on how to effectively deal with every-day life situations, for example better communication skills with family and at work. Addressing old beliefs and mental blockages, that were in my way of success. For the last few months we put our main focus on career advancement and business building strategies. This work has helped me reach some of the financial goals I set for myself.

What has been life changing about coaching with Marita is the awareness and new skill sets, I learned as a mom, daughter and adult, which I "thought" I knew already. But in each session I continued to expand and grow internally, which then gets reflected externally.

My favorite part about working with Marita is that she has a process we use at each call, to set up simple action steps for business building strategies.

Overall.. weekly coaching helps me in my life as a Mom and as a professional. Thank you for being a great coach, sharing your extensive life experience, knowledge and skills with others!" – Priscilla

Priscilla Barrera

Financial Services

El Paso, Texas


I was going through a rough patch in life and a friend told me about Marita and that she might be able to guide me into a better place to deal with everything.  I purchased a ten week session and am so thankful I did.  Marita gave me inspirational information, things to work on each week, and she listened to where I was coming from in a very nonjudgemental way and helped me to find solutions to what I was going through. I feel like I have many more tools to use now and think anyone who needs encouragement in their life would greatly benefit from Marita and her life coaching sessions.

Diana Lerwick

Artist, Bolinas California


My name is Schehera Van Dyk, I am an artist. I first started working with Marita, about three months ago. She was offering life coaching and I knew I could use help so I jumped at the opportunity! I have never done anything like this before and was not sure what to expect.

At first we started with a simple conversation about what I'd like my life to be like; what kind of goals I could create in order to manifest these changes. We set up a plan, and to my surprise I started to see the results right away!

Marita is wonderful at keeping your mind from getting tangled, and reminding you to be mindful of how you language things. Small things easily overlooked that can keep ones wheels spinning but never arriving are the very things Marita is able to catch and bring to awareness.

I value these life coach sessions because not only have I been able to see changes, it's made me a much more joyful human. Celebrating the successes no matter how small they may seem , is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to advancing in one’s life.

Thank you Marita for offering such a great service!

Schehera Van Dyke


Bolinas, California





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