90 Day Challenge to Wellness

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“Do a challenge with me.”

I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, but when life gets busy the exercise routine suffers and  it’s hard to eat healthy.

 I noticed that I added a few pounds and some flab. Ouch, I do not like it. 7 years ago when I was a bit more plump (40 pounds more) I promised myself to never let that happen again…………………

So right now I am not in an emergency situation, but I’m determined to act now and go back to my ideal weight and work out an effective exercise program to tighten up the flabby areas, like upper arms, abdomen and upper thighs.

Can you relate?    

And the best news is: I found a team to do it with and be accountable to. We all decided to do a 90 Day Challenge together. This way we can cheer each other up to lose some weight, live a healthier lifestyle, share process and celebrate successes. It’s always easier to do this in a community of friends.

Actually I would love to share this challenge with more like minded people, to step it up even more. Now is a great time to start with the holidays around the corner.

I know this won’t be for everybody. Not everybody needs to lose weight, or is willing to make lifestyle changes. But if you feel ready for a jumpstart to lose some pounds, this could be a fun way to do it. By now I’m on it for a few days and it’s amazing how the pounds melt away. I am surprised how easy it is, I’m not hungry and I have energy.

Come and join the team and if you get inspired and motivated, you can help others to join the challenge and get paid for it, or refer 3 customers and you get the product for free.

For those who decide to participate, we have a private Facebook group, where you can check in every day, for daily support. I will answer any questions you have and keep you on track with mini challenges, accountability and to help you work through the mental and emotional aspects of weight loss. If this inspires you to step up and empower your life, by having the body you would like to have, just contact me.

Click the image BELOW or you can click "JOIN THE 90 DAY CHALLENGE" for more info.


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